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Be a Successful Lightworker

Enough spinning your wheels, spending endless hours on social media and getting nowhere. It's time to do what works and grow your business.

Build a successful, self-sustaining business… with the help of an intuitive.

Hi, I’m Kat Tepelyan,

An intuitive with nearly 20 years in the web and branding world, I've helped a lot of people and organizations go to the next level of success.

I have a magic knack for making people money.

I rely on my intuitive gifts to help you unearth your calling, bring clarity to your current process and help you fly sky high.

Wanna know more?

The Love is Real

Thank you so much for getting me on track and for showing me how to take off and actualize my dreams!

Katya Kupor SlepakOwner, Malaya Organics

My reading with Kat was amazing. She tells you as it is - and she's completely spot on. I have worked with several intuitives in the past, some a bit on the woo woo side, some that just couldn't tell me straight up what I needed to really hear.

She tells it as she **sees** it and she *knows* you know and inspires you to TRUST in yourself that you DO have the answers you are seeking and bring it out in yourself.

She's funny, strong and straightforward. No woo woo BS. Fantastic reading! Thank you Kat!

Monisha Rahemtula

You're intuitive, creative and extremely fun to work with. You've been a creative spark plug for my business.

Andrea Ramos MooreOwner, I Love GFF

Kat, you're fun, you get to the point straight away & I got tons of value from our call.

I've seen a difference already in customer engagement & interaction... I felt supported, like you had clear steps to impact my business, and I loved how you were so honest about your experience with using my website.

I gained clarity on how to speak to clients, how to write copy, how to word my signs, how to get people to flow through my site to buy, how to simplify my systems.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate you!

Rachel HayersClairvoyant and Spiritual Teacher

My Businesses & Ventures

Affordable, Custom Websites for Your Growing Business

Site a la Carte was created when my intuitive sessions and mentorship became the thang.

I wanted to continue offering site design and development services for clients, and that work needed a new home.

With a focus on startups, entrepreneurs and lightworkers, if you need a site, this is the spot to go.

Alchemical Branding for your business.

My flagship course and One on One mentorship program, The Epic Brand, is a proven system to take you from confusion to clarity. From uncertainty of look, color, language and overall message, to certainty about how it will all look and sound.

Nearly 100 people have gone through the many iterations that Epic has been, and the results speak for themselves.


Explore The Epic BrandExplore The Epic Brand

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