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Branding is more than just colors and logos. It’s the entire approach to your business.

I work with proven systems, story-telling and Jungian archetypes to help you get to the source of your brand energy so you can build a successful, thriving business.

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Whether you want something totally unique, or have a theme you’d like to work with, I can help.

I work with a range of budgets and needs and have helped hundreds of people, organizations and causes to look their best and work efficiently.

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Need support with your direct marketing? Maybe it’s time to get streamlined on your offerings.

Let me support your business growth with customized mentorship packages for your unique brand and business.

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Spinning wheels is not what you came here for.

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A River Changes Course


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Your Words Define You

By | Branding, Design & Your Site | 2 Comments
Sometimes it may look like we're taking a step backwards, especially when life throws us difficult twists and turns, bums us out with bad news, shows us our inconvenient bank statement while presenting a growing to do list that costs and costs. Sometimes it's not easy. Sometimes it seems downright impossible. As I was dealing with my own difficulties the last few months, I spoke to a dear friend and learned a fantastic distinction from...
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Our big departure: Dancing with major life changes

By | Entrepreneurship & Mind Set | No Comments
We’ve had some massive transitions happen in the past few months. And not just because we had Lily. Having to leave our house on Kauai for - illegal - reasons that angered me beyond belief, and for which I was almost in court suing our landlord, we spent about 10 days surrendering to it all. Finally, having taken some deep breaths, we decided to put our life into a storage container and to get off...
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One common culprit of a mediocre business is lack of clarity around key things... Let's change that.

Normally $247, until March 31st April 30th, you can book a laser coaching session with me for $100 off.

In these sessions, we can talk about anything:

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Services
  • Overall Strategy

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Dont Compete. Just Be Amazing. #SOURCENOTES
Inspiration. Truth. Reflection.
Every morning.
For as long as you want.
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