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We prefer to pay for things. Or why your freebie may be seen as a lie.


The first time I was in Mexico, I was just out of college, and 3 of my friends and I decided to go to a New Year’s Eve festival near Cancun. I managed to book a hotel room in town, away from hotel row for a few days but took a “We’ll Do it when… Read More

Read this if your work is your heart


Sometimes I’ll get an email that’s a solid wall of text, from someone ready to jump from the roof of their life. Sometimes it’s short and to the point, where they assume they know me, and pay homage to my work while correcting a spelling error in an article I wrote months ago. I appreciate… Read More

Are you an Altarless Bandit?


Altarless Bandits – I had this title sitting in my “Ideas” Notebook for over a year. I loved it. I wanted it. But I didn’t know how to use it because I knew I would piss people off. I would piss off everyone who defined themselves by the objects they used and the rituals they… Read More

Rest in Peace, Wellness Warrior


I awoke on Friday February 27th at 2am, bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready for the day, convinced it was later. I went into the office and checked my email – not something I usually do at 2am – looking at an account I don’t normally open. And there it was: an email from someone… Read More

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I’ve been writing short reminders to myself for years. Journal after journal, I filled notebooks, napkin corners and post-its with quotes that helped me get through the day, month, season, Saturn return. Short notes, scribbled on the Subway would turn into articles, short stories, chapters. In the quiet of morning, I jot down many at a time. Some call it “automatic writing.” Because I don’t attribute most of them to myself, they are called Source Notes, honoring their inspired origin.



Jeffrey D. Sachs, Malaya Organics, Belinda Davidson, The School of the Modern Mystic, Astrostyle, TV Guide, Noble Magazine, Ontraport, Emi&Eve, Columbia University, WellGrounded Life, Lisa Byrne, Brand Truth, Erin Cox, The American Museum of Natural History, The Greater Good Movie

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Dont Compete. Just Be Amazing. #SOURCENOTES
Inspiration. Truth. Reflection.
Every morning.
For as long as you want.