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Branding is more than just colors and logos. It’s the entire approach to your business.

I work with proven systems, story-telling and Jungian archetypes to help you get to the source of your brand energy so you can build a successful, thriving business.

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Whether you want something totally unique, or have a theme you’d like to work with, I can help.

I work with a range of budgets and needs and have helped hundreds of people, organizations and causes to look their best and work efficiently.

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Need support with your direct marketing? Maybe it’s time to get streamlined on your offerings.

Let me support your business growth with customized mentorship packages for your unique brand and business.

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Your creations live best out there.

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Building a brand while being private: making it work for you

By | Branding, Design & Your Site | No Comments

With the web being more and more obsessed with extremely “personal brands”, the advice often given to starting entrepreneurs is to be radically honest about who you are. I think this is misleading and overwhelming for many.  Where do you draw the line? What’s relevant? What’s narcissistic to a fault? And how do we find our own balance? Personally, I have a need for extreme privacy while wanting people to know my innermost thoughts. That…

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Starting the dialogue about fear

By | Entrepreneurship & Mind Set | One Comment
I am a humanist. In that I love humanity and all our plights through the quagmire of...being human. I shed a tear when stories break my heart or inspire me. I care. Often too deeply. Often carrying other people's pains and gains like my own for days. My care has helped me build a business helping others succeed. And what I see most often in those amazing and wondrous humans is that they are very...
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For as long as you want.
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