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our communication and design become authentic,
inspiring… and our business successful.
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Surrender. Please. IGOTKAT.

Surrender. Please.

I was speaking to a colleague the other day when they asked, “How many people do you want in The Epic Brand course?” I paused, numbers initially playing an accordion in my mind, dancing the polka, faces painted, floating through, me pausing, reflecting, thinking. “The perfect amount. I want the perfect amount.” I said after a minute. “What does that mean?”
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Pity is not a building block

Pity is not a building block

“I f*****g want NOTHING to do with you!” Ever heard those words? Ever wanted to say them? Ever wanted to SCREAM them? Probably. I opened the year with that energy floating about, initially subversive, then obvious and insidious, like the the stench of the chicken, murdered behind my house by a cat I was watching. It happens; people leave our lives, and
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A Word of Encouragement for the Humble Entrepreneur

I’m lucky in that those I work with are genuinely wonderful people. They are those who often find it difficult to talk about themselves, those whom I have to lovingly pry open in conversation, helping to facilitate a discussion about what they excell at, how they help others in order to talk about branding. This isn’t common “branding talk”. This
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