Hi there,

I’m Kat Tepelyan, an award-winning designer and intuitive brand adviser.

KatTepelyanIf you’re looking to take your work to the next level, to build that amazing site, that course, that following you see when you close your eyes, you’re in the right place.

I work with people in a variety of ways to help them get to the next level of exposure and recognition.

Together, we create, tweak and build brands, sites and courses. We clear whatever blocks and issues stand between you and success. We define goals and reach milestones, again and again.

In nearly 20 years in the web industry, I’ve worked with top organizations all over the world as well as with entrepreneurs and small businesses.

This allows me to say, without a shadow of doubt, that successful brands are BORN; we don’t squeeze authentic brands out of a tube. We discover them and nurture them.



The love for the art of uniqueness. Every person is different. Every business is as well. The process of discovering the correct energy of your brand is beautiful and fun.


The way we express your unique message and brand energy is one of the most engaging and playful times. It doesn't have to be heavy or serious or overwhelming. It's a beautiful process, and we explore the visual look together.


We build everything as elegantly as possible, with as few headaches for maintenance as possible. I want you to walk away with a site you can manage on your own - and happily do so.


I began my professional web career at 19 while attending engineering school and working with start ups and financial firms on Wall St.

I grew up with the web.

By 25, I was the Senior Web Producer at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, building web solutions for global sustainable development projects while doing my Masters in Strategic Communications at Columbia.

As I worked in planetary sustainability, I realized helping small businesses and entrepreneurs was one of the smartest sustainability focuses yet. I knew that many of our greatest achievements as a species would come from individuals.

So when my team and I won the Webby Award, I took my leave to pursue my own business.

I traveled all over the States, New Zealand and Australia, learning the ropes of working from a tent, learning to run my business under any circumstances, in any location, and it’s been magical (challenges not withstanding) ever since.

If you have a big idea you’d like to discuss please write me here.


I began my explorations while I was quite young, and over the last 20 years have studied in many disciplines, with many teachers and in many a “cave.”

Over the last few years, I mentored with Belinda Davidson, a world-renowned medical intuitive and psychic while coaching The School of the Modern Mystic, after helping to launch it by building and designing its platform.

All of this has allowed me to go deeper and has helped in bridging the physical and metaphysical and in helping to birth ideas that seemed to come from deeply intuitive wants.

Whether you’re ready to start your business and need branding and development support or if you need a coach to help you manage your fears around it, I can help.


A good idea needs to be understood and nurtured into something tangible, so when you decide it’s time to make it a reality, whether it be a site, a campaign, a course or anything else, how you work is key.

I approach your site, brand and business in a holistic, systematic way. (That means I look at everything.)

I apply proven techniques, follow a strategic process and rely deeply on my intuition to get to the heart of what you do so that the branding and design is spot on.

Once the clarity is present, the creative, technical and strategic process flows effortlessly.

I infuse all of my designs with marketing know-how, connect to people genuinely and help design and build solutions that will help your business grow.

This is the work done here.


I need a new web design (or redesign). What do I do?

Please contact me here and let me know about project.

I need to brainstorm ideas with someone for an hour.

You can hire me for a one-off consultation. You can book 1 hour with me here.

What technology do you use here?

A lot of the site developed here run on the Genesis WordPress Framework because it’s smart, extremely versatile and has killer SEO perks built in.

Sometimes clients come with a certain theme they would like customized, and that’s fine as well.

Overall, while I can build on any system you want, I prefer to work with WordPress.

What are you clients saying?

Take a look at the Praise here.

How do we start?

Tell me about your project here, and I’ll get back to you on next steps.

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