Ask Yourself WHY (RHH Live)

By October 24, 2011Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
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I was at Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy and Hot this past weekend, and boy did it rock!

Without further ado, here is a post on some killer highlights from some amazing speakers (Ramit Sethi, Julie Cottienau, Simon Sinek, Laura Roeder, Derek Halpern, Russell Simmons, Cris Karr, Danielle LaPorte, Mama Gena, Josh Pais and of course Marie Forleo herself)

Ask yourself WHY

This is Simon Sinek’s baby, and his insight is key.

Most brands tell you WHAT they’re doing and try to sell you that.

Consider the following:

“We’re selling the best television, with built in image control.” VS.
“You are unique. Your TV viewing should be done on your terms.”

“My coaching program is based on Steve Covey’s work.” VS.
“You want to be the maven of your industry.”

“Our organic apples have 75% less pesticides than non-organic ones.” VS.
“Your health is your main priority. Get healthy and stay healthy.”

See the difference?

Answering your WHY and communicating it clearly on your site and other materials is not only inspiring to YOU, but will also have your customers really connect to THEIR why.

If your why and their why match, you’ve begun to create your tribe, your community and your clients are more likely to be lifelong customers.

What’s my why? Why do I do what I do?

I do what I do because I want to see a world full of empowered entrepreneurs, living their dream, thus creating a sustainable planet through conscious business.

HOT, right? Much better than “I make really awesome sites!”

And remember, your why should inspire you first. You’ve got to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. If your why is weak, your communication will be weak.

Need some help with this? Let’s talk.

So. What is YOUR WHY?

You are loved.

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