AudioEntrepreneurship & Mind SetKat Cast
October 20, 2016

You Didn’t Lose Out on ANY PAST OPPORTUNITY! [audio]

  Ever wake up in a sweat wondering if you should have done that thing or taken that opportunity, even if they didn't feel in total alignment? Me too. This cast is all about that. Length: 6 mins
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AudioEntrepreneurship & Mind SetKat Cast
October 13, 2016

Allow Yourself to Evolve [audio]

  What's going to make you happy in 3 months, 6 months, 5 years? We're not sure. Nor should we expect ourselves to be. And this is fine. It's the way we were designed. Audio length: 5m
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August 13, 2014

3 Ways to Avoid Copying People

A great interview I did with Carrie Green of The Female Entrepreneur Association.
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AudioBranding, Design & Your Site
June 18, 2014

All About The Epic Brand

Originally recorded for The Epic Brand course itself, you will get a very good sense of what it is about from this sneak peek introduction. I will re-open the course in the Fall of 2014, so make sure you sign up for the Epic list here not to miss any of the free training videos and the launch date. Here's to YOUR Epic Brand.
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April 25, 2014

Branding – Why I do it [Audio]

Listen to this excerpt from a talk I gave on branding on Kauai in January. It was a spontaneous, riffed story, in which I found myself talking about my childhood in the Soviet Union, pilates and Oprah. Oh the laughs.
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