Care for the World

Care for the WorldEntrepreneurship & Mind Set
November 16, 2016

Let the Light In

If you are an empath, this week was probably pretty tough. Opening my Facebook page became painful. Hate slurs and anger were nearly everywhere. The elections really got people in the guts, as we were all a bit shocked by the outcome - some happily, others not - but more shocked by what came after. I was suspended in a cocoon of anxiety. Nothing got done. I simply read and reread articles, people’s comments, wondered…
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Care for the World
September 23, 2014

New Moon Lessons in Poisons and Love

Kauai's Hindu Monestary On September 23rd, on the day of the New Moon, the day my partner and I would be hearing our baby's heartbeat for the first time, one day after my 1 year anniversary of living on Kauai, I went to the local Hindu temple, and I was handed a particularly interesting lesson on various kinds of poisons: namely criticism and silence and how they pertain to EVERYTHING. I wrote out and burned…
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Care for the WorldEntrepreneurship & Mind Set
December 27, 2012

Embracing Those “Weird” Gifts of Ours

I don't know about you, but for me, this year's winter solstice was intense. Not only was the end of the world chatter abound, but I found it hard to concentrate and get anything extremely mental done. At first this was annoying. I had plans, tasks, to do lists, but when I stepped back and allowed whatever was happening to happen, I found myself relaxing, sticking my nose hard agains the Metro North train window…
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