Celebrate your victories (and failures)

It’s Monday, and I’m in San Diego. As I adjust to the time and the absence of people outside my window, I look at my calendar and see all the ticks on the checkboxes next to completed projects.

My heart does a little dance.

I also see all the unchecked boxes next to big projects that still await my love and attention, and I realize that without taking a break to breathe and celebrate what’s already been done, nothing is going to get done.

“Yeah, yeah.” You may say “I have a thousand other things to do. I’m growing a business.”

I get that. And consider that if you never take a moment to acknowledge what you’ve already done, your work may suffer because you’re running on low fuel.

I’ve been back in NYC for the last 16 months without even a semblance of a vacation – that’s weekends, weekdays and weeknights. Check! I’ve started dozens of things, taken my own business out of it’s infancy and saw the completions of many a project. And I’ve made the mistake, over and over again of not giving myself a sense of closure before jumping into the next thing.

And it’s made me borderline insane.

So when the opportunity to leave New York showed up, I was all over it. I needed to stop, slow down and simply honor all the work ALREADY done, good and bad, stuff that’s worked out and stuff that hasn’t.

Congratulations. You’ve done it.

Whatever it was, you’ve done it. Even if there are a hundred other things for you to do:

Congratulations. You’ve done it.

Have you had a completion “ritual”?

That word might spin some of you out, but disregard the feeling and use the symbolism. This ritual may be a simple sit-down with a cup of tea as you stare at the sky. For me it’s been a coffee and a smoke lately. I tune out completely and acknowledge the work I’ve done. I thank the universe for all the help it’s given me in stretching so I could achieve what I set out to achieve and thank it for all the “failed” things that helped me learn the value of seeing past “failures” and developing determination and trust.

I’ll also call a friend. She’ll happily congratulate me on my accomplishments, tell me my failures are fine, and then I’ll sleep well and a lot.

Or your completion ritual may be going out with your friends and having a glass of bubbly and dancing.

Or journaling. Or eating cake (Yum!). Or taking a trip (Yep!)


But take a moment to do this. It may change your day and inspiration entirely. Having a friend do the acknowledging for you is extremely helpful because we are often pretty awful and acknowledging ourselves.

So with that, branding and strategy can wait a bit. We need to recharge and thank ourselves for working as hard as we do.

  • Amen to that!

    I am so happy to you are making time to write again. Your posts touch my soul, every single one of them!

    Whenever you are ready to celebrate your victory in Belgium, I’ll welcome you with the most decadent chocolates and insanely good beer.

    Come over, mate :).

    Much love,


  • Oh girl! You KNOW I will!

    That sounds perfect, and decadent and YES.

    (I’m so proud of you, you know. 🙂 )

  • awesome post Kat! yeesh, SO true that especially for entrepreneurs, who are usually slave-drivers to themselves as it is, the self-recognition is few + far between. success is a baseline, a given; not something to celebrate!, I find myself saying to myself. what a crock! thanks for calling me (and i’m sure many others) out on this bad behavior.

    my ritual for self-appreciation for a job well done is to buy fresh cut flowers for myself each week (and I also get a broad green leaf that I curl up in a round shape and line the vase with, so it looks more polished + professional), and to get a professional bouquet delivered to my home once a month (i use h. bloom, but there are many others). i like flowers as this gift to myself b/c it’s the typical symbol of a gift from a lover, so in essence, it’s a yummy act of self-love and appreciation, and I get to enjoy it again and again whenever I see it in my apartment.

    you mean you have a cup of coffee and chomp a nicorette gum, right? 😉 (the slap on the wrist is b/c I care about you + your health.) again, great post, and thanks for writing it.

    love you!

    • Jojo, how awesome. I love flowers! I actually sat there picturing your ritual, and it brought a smile to my face… love the leaf detail.

      We ARE slave drivers as entrepreneurs, and we need to cut that isht out.

      And yes, that’s Nicorette. Precisely. 🙂

      Love you.

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