Chill out on the “How’s”

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I love all the struggle associated with running your own gig. And by “love”, I really mean “laugh at”, because things just don’t have to be that horrific, difficult, full of struggle and misadventures. Unless you want them, that is. (And most of us unconsciously do so end up receiving them regularly.)

The question I find driving most up-and-coming businesses (especially when they’re called to define, refine and solidify their ideas), is:

But HOW will it all work out???

The answer should always, unless you really like lying to people, be:

Nobody knows. Relax. Nobody ever knows.

This is true.

Things have a way of working themselves out.

The formula for success – as many would have you believe – is to push up against circumstances, to force things to happen. “Keep going despite your gut feeling!”

Answer this honestly:

  • How often have you muscled through to the completion of some idea, when half-way through you simply hated it?
  • Did you discover it was terrible at the end of the process?
  • How often do you *think* something is a good way to spend your time, while *knowing* it’s not, only to discover later that your intuition was right?


In my own experience, in business and otherwise, the only thing that has a solid footing in a “formula for success” is my intention, the one I decide upon and set out to achieve. And this can change and has changed. Thankfully!

Now let me be clear.

I do NOT mean do nothing. I also do NOT mean that you wallow in illusive ideas that make no sense, hoping beyond hope that they work out without your participation.


What I mean is that when you have an idea and (an even tentative) plan, you just have to work your work and see how the world responds, listening to your gut.

You will then see how your business runs most successfully over time and HOW things happened to work out, in hindsight.

At the end of the day everything depends on your personal energy, your own personal flavor, your own personality and intention.

The HOW’s fall into place on their own when you make the call, write the letter, do the resume. Who ends up hiring you, discovering you, etc. is often independent of the sleepless nights you spend plotting every single detail of your work.

I’m slightly OCD, so I absolutely spend time thinking things through, but I’ve relaxed on expecting to know the final outcome of anything, so don’t stress it.

Do what you know to do, get the help you need, learn the things necessary for making your business a success, and then take the time to rest, breathe and allow.

Because if you don’t allow, you can’t receive.

Namean? (“know what I mean?” for people who did not grow up in NYC)

What do you think?

You are loved.

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