Not Cool: Adding People to Your List Without Permission

By September 9, 2011Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
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I met this nice man some weeks back who needed a site. Cool. Let’s talk.

We have a nice chat, he needs to think about it. Great. No worries.

Next thing I know, I get a newsletter from his business trying to sell me something.

Umm, wait. What? *scratched record sound*

I didn’t sign up for anything. I’m not interested in anything that business does as a consumer. So why am I getting this SPAM?

I thought long and hard and wrote him a note, saying, politely, that I tell all my clients that doing that is NOT COOL. You come across as a spammer, and people don’t want to work with you.

He was curt, “thanking” me for my “advice”. I could just see him there, spitting watermelon seeds at the screen. (Don’t ask. I’m visual.)

It’s just gross, people. First off, I, on this end, felt taken advantage of. But think of yourself. Every time you write your list, you’ll feel like a little scumbag. I know I would.

So how do you get a list started?

  • When you’re just starting out, and you don’t know industry folk or potential clients, shoot a note to your peeps and ask them if they would be OK with you adding them to your list. It’s where you are, why pretend otherwise. Let them know they can opt out, and you wont hate them and that they can spread the word about you to people who might be interested.
  • Give people an INCENTIVE to sign up.
    A free report, a 15 minute coaching session, whatever your business offers best.
  • Ask people if you can.
    If Mr. X above would have asked me, especially knowing that I could actually help him, I would have gladly agreed to be on his list.

I half considered adding him to my list and sending him this post. 🙂

Please respect each other. It’s the only way to thrive, the only way to do business.

You are loved.

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