Embrace Your ADD. Your Crowd Will Love You.

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Most of us humans are, to some extent, ADD.

Take a moment to admit it and get over it. I did, and I’m happier for it.

*Jeopardy Music*

Ok? Ok.

So now that we’re all liberated and happily ADD together, think for a second about the last time you went to a site to get some information on something.

You get to the web page and quickly begin to experience something close to a desperate hatred for whoever made it. Because you can’t find what you need, not right away, or after 30 seconds or after a minute.

So what do you do?
Chances are you leave, abandoning your mission in lieu of saving your own mind.
“I’ll find it elsewhere.” you think.

Because you know you will.

That’s a window into how most people behave online and with almost all other products.
If it’s not presented in an easily navigable way, they go elsewhere. There are simply too many other people that do information packaging well.

The same is true with books, film, anything.

So why on EARTH would you NOT take into account your own ADD problem when making stuff for people?

Why wouldn’t you design something, write something, say something that would instantly convey it’s message to the consumer? Don’t you feel bad for YOU when you see stuff that makes no sense?

This is simply because there is a strange disconnect that happens when we think about the needs of others vs. the needs of ourselves. We, each of us, seem more important to ourselves than other people seem to us. That’s all there is to it. We loooooove the sound of our own voice, despite how it lands for those listening.

But what if you started writing, designing and making stuff for all of us with ADD?

Your whole game would change. Your product would be better. Your customers would feel taken care of, understood.

You may think I mean to tell you to dumb things down.

I am not.

Don’t make things stupid. Make things understandable, accessible, navigable. Make them a joy to use, read and watch.

This was a huge shift in thinking that completely altered my relationship to what I do.

ADD. works for me.

What about you?

You are loved.

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