I don’t know about you, but for me, this year’s winter solstice was intense. Not only was the end of the world chatter abound, but I found it hard to concentrate and get anything extremely mental done.

At first this was annoying. I had plans, tasks, to do lists, but when I stepped back and allowed whatever was happening to happen, I found myself relaxing, sticking my nose hard agains the Metro North train window and staring at the beautiful nature of the Hudson Valley as I sped home from my cousin’s house, crying for no reason at all.

When I got home and got quiet, easing into my meditation, nature spoke to me. Yes, I speak to nature. I don’t mention it often here, but all us “weirdos” need to come out some time. And this seems to be mine.

What I felt as I connected was tension and love at the same time. The planet is going through major transitions. And we, being deeply connected to it, whether aware of it or not, feel it too.

We are experiencing the quaking of our mother as she shifts and turns to align with the new energy flowing quickly in, and from what I heard, we need only to hold on and allow, aligning with this benevolent energy even when it may seem to be ripping our hearts (and potentially circumstances of our work and life) apart.

I kept hearing: “Be with me.”

Like all beings, wanting to be seen – really seen and understood – is nature’s want as well. It is alive, completely generous and has a spirit of its own. It wants to be part of our lives; it wants us to connect.

And even as the hows of our individual connection may vary, that we connect is essential.

There are many of us who work between worlds

We have linear-apearing jobs or businesses that seem to do straight-forward things. But HOW we take care of those tasks is often born in the subconscious, in the abstract, in the right-side of the brain, so to speak.

We get accurate messages and hunches we can’t explain the roots of, feel tension when something is “just not right” and may often have trouble opening up, coming out and expressing these talents and gifts lest the world reject us for being strange.

These fears are not unfounded.

If a doctor were to tell you that many of his – accurate – diagnoses were done with the accompaniment of their intuition, psychic vision or the like, he may lose his job, be laughed out of his practice or ridiculed. There are, of course, more and more medical practitioners who use these gifts successfully, but we still have a major disparity between the traditional institutions of science and the more mystical institutions of the softer sciences that many more are discovering within themselves right now.

These kinds of soft skills were not appreciated or understood for a very long time. More seriously, people simply feared them because their traditions and religions taught them to.

Having any set of these intuitive abilities was often a recipe for getting oneself killed, so people stayed quiet.

And where we can’t disregard our sordid human past in this realm, we can choose to move beyond it and accept those gifts within ourselves.

This may be difficult at first, but I find that the more we share, the more we accept these things within ourselves, the more we can use these talents to infuse our powerful, left-brained skills – so hard-earned in the institutions of education and work – to help the world align, balance and provide sustenance to us all.

We have powerful, natural gifts lying dormant within us waiting to be tapped and expressed.

Many of us are already hybrids.

Many of us have had years of experience surviving in the old-world paradigms of rote education and drone-like office places while beginning to acquaint ourselves with the new, mystical side of life.

And this side of life allows us to connect to nature, one another and to our particular gifts and abilities.

We are the next generation of leaders, healers and parents

We are the ones who are responsible for teaching our children in a way conducive to planetary sustainability and our world’s survival.

So do they not deserve us to be straight about who we are?

Many of you know that I have worked with sustainable development for many years and have helped sustainable businesses take off. This has been my inspiration and drive my entire life. So when I began to discover my particular flavor of weird, I noticed that the planet and its survival were all over it.

Part of my life’s work is to preserve what we have inherited.

Gosh that felt good to say. 🙂

So what is your inspiration and drive?

What do you want to create in the world?

What is your legacy, gift and ability that can help us all?

With love,


You are loved.

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