Get Out of Your Boredom Rut

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[Posted in 2011]

Are you bored, uninspired, or just plain’ ol’ tired?

Running your own business can be exhausting. Working for someone else while WISHING you were running your own business can be even more so.

If you find yourself amongst the new-business owners who are utterly stuck in the daily grind, or the employee who wants to jump ship, the endless task-list and mental purgatory can make you want to sleep all day and avoid the next step.

But the good news is that the next step is ALWAYS THE SAME.

It’s a simple thing called Evolution.

This is a never-ending process, so if you think that one day “I’ve Arrived!”, you’re wrong. For as long as you live, you will want to create new things, challenge your own boundaries and grow.

If you aren’t growing, challenging yourself and learning new things, your brain not only gets “stale” and weary, but you actually rob it of new possibility-inducing neuro-pathways, ensuring that you’ll be stuck in your daily routine for the foreseeable future.

Upon returning from Australia 3 months ago, where I lived and traveled for a year, saw every beach on the Eastern coast, kayaked every navigatable sea-inlet and thoroughly enjoyed freelancing from my tent, I was ablaze.

Coming back to New York, I was full with new possibilities and formally launched this Studio. My trip saved my mind from the stale-hood of job security and boredom and created fertile soil for something new.

But now, 3 months later, I’m … bored.

Not because there isn’t a million and one things to do, but because I need to grow again and challenge myself once more.

This is a never-ending process, so if you think that one day “I’ve Arrived!”, you’re wrong. For as long as you live, you will want to create new things, challenge your own boundaries and grow.

So what to do?

Learn something new. Join a new group. Talk to new people. Travel.

Anything to give your engine and your ever-curious mind a boost!

For me, that meant joining Marie Forleo’s B-School in 2011.

Truthfully, I’d been secretly watching this course since the year before, their first go around. I wanted to do it THEN, but my schedule didn’t allow it. So when these girls opened the course again, I was a mega “YES!”

Running into Marie at a soirée last week (back then), I heard myself babbling about possible excuses for NOT taking the course, and hearing myself made me sick! We all do it – the mind is a horrible place sometimes.

But yesterday I joined. And now I will be among other women entrepreneurs, learning new things and interacting with creative people I will probably like. I’m psyched!

Cus let’s face it, we can keep doing what we’re doing, surviving, being bored. But is that fun?

Now of course expansion and evolution is not without it’s challenges.

I tried to process my Bschool order 6 times, until my card was declined (it’s a new card, and I was putting in wrong information). So I had Marie’s (awesome) assistant register me with a new card.

But the whole time my mind was saying “It’s not meant to be! The card was declined! This will suck!” Ahh mind. You so crazy.

But now that I’m in, it’s as if someone changed my light bulb to a new ever-bright! Because I know these girls, and they rock.

No matter where you are in your business or your life, stale-hood is HORRIBLE.

Get out there and do something new and challenging. It will be scary, but that’s a good thing.

Remember, change happens when you are uncomfortable.

What’s a new thing you could learn?
What class can you take that will give you new juice?
What mastermind can you join that will inspire you to take new action?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.


You are loved.

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