I offer various products and services. How do I express all that on my site?

By November 9, 2011Branding, Design & Your Site

I get this question a lot!

So let’s dig in, and I need you to think about this as less of a technical question and more of a branding, big picture question. Cus that’s what it really is.

Below is the process I work on with my clients when they come to me with this type of issue.

Step 1. List all your products and services.

  • Put the products/services in order of highest revenue to lowest revenue.
  • Are all these services going to be kept?
    Feel free to eliminate stuff that isn’t working for you (it’s either painful for you to do, or it brings in no money, or both.) Condensing your services into a simple, cohesive unit is a good place to start.

Step 2. Are all your products/services related?

Are you like Ford, in that you make cars of different types or more like the Virgin Brand that has various businesses completely unrelated to one another? Are you somewhere in between?

In Ford and Virgin, both umbrella brands are well known, Ford for being a car manufacturer, and Virgin for being a record label, an airline, a mobile phone and now – I hear – insurance down under.

“Well if Virgin is doing it, so can I!” You say. And you can, but it’s not a matter of combining all the different stuff you do on one page. Virgin Airlines is distinct from Virgin Mobile and so on and so forth. Don’t confuse people.

If the services are unrelated, put them on different sites, possibly under different names. (This is a whole other brand naming thing, and I’ll post on this topic later.)

But remember, Virgin Brand started in ONE place, with ONE product. Ford started with the Model-T and did that successfully until variations on the design seemed to make sense, down the line.

So do one thing WELL, and the other stuff can follow.

If you find yourself in this “down the line” place, do the following:

  • Group your services into buckets.
    What’s related and what’s absolutely, definitely NOT?

    I’ve been working with a client that seemed to be in ONE business, but after digging deeper, we figured out that she’s actually got three unique practices, three unique services, and each one is for a different target audience, leading us into the next question…

Step 3. Are the services/products for the same target audience or for different audiences?

Here it’s very important to do a detailed target audience questionnaire for each of the products and services you provide. What are you selling and to whom? If the target is similar or identical to each other, you should feature those products and services in the same place. If you find that between question 2 and 3 they are very far apart, I always recommend having an alternate site.

Otherwise you simply confuse people to no end, offering them too many things and appearing as a Jack of All Trades, Master of None. And no one wants to work with that guy.

This process may seem a bit daunting, especially if you’re starting out and have a dozen great ideas, but remember to NICHE first. Those ideas are all terrific, but don’t list everything on your poor site unless its all related to what’s already there, and unless they are developed well.

If you’re posting something that’s poorly done next to your flagship product, it can take the whole ship down with it as it sinks.

There are just too many companies that you’ve never heard of for exactly this reason…

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