If you are an empath, this week was probably pretty tough.

Opening my Facebook page became painful. Hate slurs and anger were nearly everywhere. The elections really got people in the guts, as we were all a bit shocked by the outcome – some happily, others not – but more shocked by what came after.

I was suspended in a cocoon of anxiety. Nothing got done. I simply read and reread articles, people’s comments, wondered how those I respected as much as I did were allowing themselves the outpour of rage at their friends. It was a bad week.

Until I stopped paying attention and began to bring light to my every activity

“It’s YOUR fault. FIX it!” Sound familiar? This is victim pain energy.

This was a level of upset I would no longer be filtering through my bones. This is systemic with people feeling helpless, but that burden is not yours to carry.

Rise up

Feel your feelings and move on. Make people’s upset also be ok, but don’t filter it through yourself. Let them feel how they feel. Stand in the middle. Love them. Don’t let the fear disease affect you too.

We have to be true to our guts. But we also have to go beyond and recognize where many of these negative emotions are being manufactured:

In the guts of those who feed off our negative energy.
In the minds of those conceiving of new ways to divide people.
In the pocketbooks of those profiting us fighting.

I’m done being bait.

There is a difference between sticking your head in the sand and choosing to ignore haters

If you think that you are missing your civic responsibility by not engaging the negativity, you are wrong. You are exercising your right to feel how you want to feel and not to be corralled around by the nose. I was led around for a while, and I’m fairly certain every empath and intuitive had trouble functioning this week because it was dense.

Stand your ground. Feel your truth. Co-create positivity and not fear because we manifest what we focus on.


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