Let your light shine, lighthouse

By December 1, 2014Branding, Design & Your Site

Despite what it may (or may not) seem, I’m not always clear on what I need to be doing in the world, and that may be the case with you too.

Despite the seeming solids in our public personas, those like education in a particular discipline or work experience, we have sides many people don’t know about. Sides that need to be expressed, lest they choke us in our sleep.

In my case, I’ve always been a very spiritual and contemplative person. I’ve been a performer, still am when I allow myself the time, a singer-songwriter, a Shaman apprentice, compulsive traveler/professional immigrant, an Ivy league grad school drop out and many other things in between.

Will all these “personas”, tho, helping causes that I knew had the capacity to change the world was of primary importance.

My work ALWAYS had to have heart and integrity, otherwise I didn’t do it. What that really meant about me, to me, though, was that I had to have value to humanity. Bingo – who’s not worthy, baby?

The causes I worked with, the organizations I supported, the people I uplifted were always amazing, and I was usually the right-hand WO-man of many a team. (Even though I’m a lefty…) I’ve helped build empires. I continue to do this. I enjoy it.

But that’s not the whole picture; it’s not enough, and this is probably the case with you.

You do one thing well and you love it, but you also carry within you the capacity for greatness of another sort, and being useful for your talents in the realms of support stop being enough for you. Eventually.

After reevaluating the concept of “them before me”, I realized there was something seriously unbalanced at the helm.

What was I NOT doing for me?

Can you relate? Is your work totally about someone else?

If you’re constantly finding yourself supporting other (often amazing) people and putting yourself somewhere on the back-burner, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if what you’re doing is simply hiding from what else you’re here to do.

I’m not saying quit your thing.

I’m saying supplement.

I’m saying open up another business that’s truer to your heart than your current.

I’m saying, do YOU!

I had a vision, in the midst of launching the School of the Modern Mystic with Belinda Davidson last year, where in a gorgeous white room hundreds of people sat comfortably watching the podium. There was no one on stage. I was behind a curtain watching their anticipating faces.

From behind this curtain, I would procure objects I had created, and with a gloved hand I would place them on the podium before them. Magical things. Beautiful things. The crowd would “Oooh” and “Ahhh”, and I could sneak out unsuspected, unseen, unknown, back into my world of quiet comfort and privacy, after the show.

This suited me. Almost.

Underneath that was a certain angst, anger even, and when examined, I realized I was not happy being a support member forever. I had things to say about the stuff that made folks go “Oooh.” I’d been writing them down for years.

So why wasn’t I talking about them? Whose “fault” was it that I was too busy to build my own platform?

Who’s “fault” is it that you are simply, sometimes scared? It’s all ok.

For me, it was a process I had to honor. A process of coming out, of liberating my own private self and separating what I feared from what I loved. They were often the same things… It is a process I still look at daily and ask: Am I being honest with myself?

If this is you too, maybe it’s time to start talking about it all. Maybe it’s start to look at what you’re not doing that you know you need to be…

Coincidentally, I begin the Epic Brand launch next week, which means free training videos on topics I know will make a difference to you. Topics that will help you get clear on some things around your existing business and the business you may need to come out about. Because this is also the work of my heart: helping those like me come out.

It’s safe, lighthouse. It’s safe. Show the world your gorgeous colors. Shine for them all.

You can sign up for that list right here.

Once you’ve done that, if it’s time, share with us what it is you’re ready to come out about. Because we both know it’s time.

Love and deep respect your way.


You are loved.

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