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You’re  a Lightworker if you’re here to help, and you know it…

Some loose categories often associated with this title are:

  • Psychics and Mediums
  • Intuitives and Healers
  • Bodyworkers
  • Health Coaches and Advisers
  • Writers and Speakers
  • Sustainable Development and Conservation Scientists
  • Animal Lovers
  • Monks / Devotees
  • Chefs
  • Artists and Musicians
  • Activists

There are MANY types of Lightworkers, and often, they don’t know who they are. They just feel compelled to help and do so, without any spiritual methodology, theories or pride.


How’s business?

If you’re thinking “Could be better!”, you’re one of MANY folks who – despite being amazing at their work, need some help moving the needle on sales and – well – making money consistently.

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Some Statistics


Percentage of businesses that fail


Percentage of businesses that fail in the first 18 months


Top Reasons for Failed Businesses

Products are generic or not desirable


Lack of planning or experience


What are we gonna do about it?

My aim on this webinar is to help identify some of your problem areas and give you tools of working with these areas.

What are your specific issues?

  • Is it that you’re not getting the traffic you need?
  • Is your marketing not working?
  • Are you just terrified of the word marketing?

We’re going to talk about lots of different issues we deal with as lightworkers and what to do about it all.

Come out (not sell out) and make a difference.

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If it’s time to stop spinning your wheels and begin to make what you deserve, let’s get into dialogue about it.

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(We’re on on multiple days, and you’ll get to pick that from the email)