Entrepreneurship & Mind Set

Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
December 19, 2016

Emotional SOS: 2 Simple Tools for Dealing with Fear and Anxiety

You know the feeling - you wake up at 4am and can’t sleep; or you feel you have to hide in the bathroom at the party because things just don’t feel safe; or that nagging emotion that nothing you create lately feels good or authentic, so what’s the point? And all those books telling you to find the root of the issue within, but you just want to drink a pint of Jack or smoke a joint or go…
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Care for the WorldEntrepreneurship & Mind Set
November 16, 2016

Let the Light In

If you are an empath, this week was probably pretty tough. Opening my Facebook page became painful. Hate slurs and anger were nearly everywhere. The elections really got people in the guts, as we were all a bit shocked by the outcome - some happily, others not - but more shocked by what came after. I was suspended in a cocoon of anxiety. Nothing got done. I simply read and reread articles, people’s comments, wondered…
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AudioEntrepreneurship & Mind SetKat Cast
October 20, 2016

You Didn’t Lose Out on ANY PAST OPPORTUNITY! [audio]

  Ever wake up in a sweat wondering if you should have done that thing or taken that opportunity, even if they didn't feel in total alignment? Me too. This cast is all about that. Length: 6 mins
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
October 3, 2016

Questioning your origin spirituality is good

On the evening or Rosh Hashanah, the eve of the Jewish new year, we found out that our dear friend had died. I’m not a practicing Jew. I was raised as both, Jewish and Christian, celebrating mostly nothing while having been Christened and Bat Mitzva’d. Yet still, the news getting to use in the last night of the “old year” was a strange omen. We invited a friend over, and to occupy our baby while we adulted on the balcony, my…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
September 23, 2016

Dealing with deep, unsettling doubt.

You are not riddled with a lack of talent. If anything, you are riddled with self doubt, sprinkled with a bit of self loathing. Because how can YOU deserve to do all that magic? How can YOU deserve to stand before people and make a difference? When I was a teen, I wrote music, music that was good, music that basically only my closest friends ever heard along with some strangers at dark open mics.…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
July 16, 2016

When you want to work but can’t. How creativity speaks in times of exhaustion

For those of you who've been on road trips or have traveled extensively anywhere for long periods of time know that there is a certain energy and zest about these trips: it's about the site seeing, the ingesting of inspiration through our senses, it's about the travel. The creative ideas come, and if we can trap them in our notepads and write (draw, etc.) in our spare time, then we may have the seedlings of…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
June 6, 2016

Starting the dialogue about fear

I am a humanist. In that I love humanity and all our plights through the quagmire of...being human. I shed a tear when stories break my heart or inspire me. I care. Often too deeply. Often carrying other people's pains and gains like my own for days. My care has helped me build a business helping others succeed. And what I see most often in those amazing and wondrous humans is that they are very…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
November 18, 2015

Our big departure: Dancing with major life changes

We’ve had some massive transitions happen in the past few months. And not just because we had Lily. Having to leave our house on Kauai for - illegal - reasons that angered me beyond belief, and for which I was almost in court suing our landlord, we spent about 10 days surrendering to it all. Finally, having taken some deep breaths, we decided to put our life into a storage container and to get off…
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Surviving the Emotions
Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
August 9, 2015

Surviving the Emotions: Keeping your brand afloat through the ups and downs.

It will happen. We aren't robots, and sometimes all we want to do is drink iced-coffee while watching Halt and Catch Fire in sequence. It will happen. You will lose your desire to keep "pushing" your work along, (especially if it's felt like pushing rather than being). You will lose your desire to do what you'd been doing week after week for months, years. It will happen, and you will dismay because some place in your…
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