Entrepreneurship & Mind Set

Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
August 2, 2015

You waste time to avoid the important. There’s magic on the other side.

We often choose to stay busy - doing ANYTHING - lest we have to be left alone with our thoughts, dreams and ideas. They begin reminding us that we’re ignoring them, that we’re possibly avoiding some important decisions, and we couldn’t have that. Now I’ve done this plenty, especially when I first started working for myself. One one side, I didn’t have the know-how to eliminate unnecessary tasks, on the other side, with the other…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
May 31, 2015

Read this if your work is your heart

Sometimes I'll get an email that’s a solid wall of text, from someone ready to jump from the roof of their life. Sometimes it’s short and to the point, where they assume they know me, and pay homage to my work while correcting a spelling error in an article I wrote months ago. I appreciate that too. All from people I don’t know. Yet. And sometimes - when I look at that wall of text…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
May 21, 2015

Are you an Altarless Bandit?

Altarless Bandits - I had this title sitting in my “Ideas" Notebook for over a year. I loved it. I wanted it. But I didn’t know how to use it because I knew I would piss people off. I would piss off everyone who defined themselves by the objects they used and the rituals they played. I would offend everyone who forgot that they were here to go beyond. So I knew I had to…
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Branding, Design & Your SiteEntrepreneurship & Mind Set
February 16, 2015

Differentiation is KEY for your small business. How to get started + Examples.

When I started my career, I didn’t work with small companies. It wasn’t really an option for me, as I was a tech nerd interested in trying on and developing new technology. Small firms didn’t have the budgets nor the interest for it. So when I left the large sector and joined the smaller-scale world, I realized that I had been taking something for granted when I worked for big businesses and academia. DIFFERENTIATION. If…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
February 8, 2015

How I didn’t die in 9/11 – or how to embrace initially annoying situations that change everything

I was late, and I was very annoyed. I hate being late, and I hate waiting for people, yet my dear friend wanted to ride the train with me and was taking forever. I almost left without her, but she pled with me. She was a student at Borough of Manhattan Community College, which is down the street from the World Trade Center (WTC), and the plan was that I would take the WTC PATH…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
February 1, 2015

Working with a friend? Read this first.

So you have this - like awesome! - friend whom you ADORE. You do everything together. You have the same tastes in clothes. You watch the same films, read the same books, go to the same meditation seminars and blog summits and - oh. my. god. - both came up with an idea that will SO rock the world, that it won't even know what hit it!
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
January 18, 2015

Understanding and working with your natural cycles of creation

The Harvard Business Review refers to it as ADT - The Attention Deficit Trait. Different from ADD, a neurological disorder, ADT is developed over time, as smart, overworked individuals lose their ability to consistently stay on top of the massive amount of data thrown at them/us each day. This is so common they now have a name for it and treat it. ADT is something I’m certain I had, for years, as I went from engineering school,…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
January 11, 2015

On “lost” projects, “bad” articles and “wasting time” on your unreleased work

If you: judge yourself tell yourself that what you're making is not PERFECT yet won't give life to the things you create won't free them to live out there, outside of you until they're perfected Stop. You hurt yourself, and that gilded cage full of dreams, ideas and aspirations is choking everything that's good. Some myth-debunking that might help: Not everything we come up with is great. Not everything we come up with is crap. Everything we…
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Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
October 20, 2014

True freedom is in true slavery to your passion, redefined.

Does the word slave upset you? Does it make you feel like a powerless tool? Well, let’s reframe that so we can play inside one of the most amazing and decadent experiences I’ve ever discovered... Ever since I was a child, I was driven. I didn’t like to sleep. I created constantly, and remarkably I didn’t know what I was driven towards or by, really, but if I could liberate that consistent feeling I’ve lived…
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Don't be afraid of pursuing your dreams
Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
October 13, 2014

Does “Going Off on Your Own” Terrify you?

4 days ago, as I was doing my homework for the Enlightened Empire Builders mastermind group I’m currently in, planning out my next 6 months and the expansion of my business, I found myself having trouble breathing. I curled up on the bed and tried to as best I could, when my partner, completely oblivious, walked into the room and simply said: “'Money comes easily and frequently' is my money mantra. Good, huh?” All I…
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