On “lost” projects, “bad” articles and “wasting time” on your unreleased work

By January 11, 2015Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
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If you:

  • judge yourself
  • tell yourself that what you’re making is not PERFECT yet
  • won’t give life to the things you create
  • won’t free them to live out there, outside of you until they’re perfected

Stop. You hurt yourself, and that gilded cage full of dreams, ideas and aspirations is choking everything that’s good.

Some myth-debunking that might help:

Not everything we come up with is great.
Not everything we come up with is crap.
Everything we come up with is a step in the right direction simply because we came up with it.

As creators of ideas, plans, products and thoughts, those creations need light; they need to be seen, and they need to be respected, even if respecting them means throwing them in the fire after they’ve been seen.

Some creations are middle-men, deserving to burn out quickly.
Some creations are gold, needing a place in the world.
We won’t know until we open the cage and let them be tried by others.

One lesson I’ve learned over and over:
If you thought it, and it lit you up, it might light someone else up. Try it.

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Be brave. Be bold. Share yourself. Try stuff out.

First of all, you just never know. Second of all, there’s no such thing as wasted time. Third of all, time doesn’t exist.

You are loved.

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