People are Gorgeous Wells of Inspiration

By February 4, 2013Entrepreneurship & Mind Set
Smiling Children

I met someone recently who moved me, genuinely. I was surprised, taken aback, walked around them for a while, not sure what to think, but onwards I went and regret it I did not. What I learned was beautiful; the realization that came with it has been profound.

Before I go on about all that, I want to ask you:

What is your greatest inspiration?

Do you have many?

Do you find yourself staring at the clouds, finding patterns, seeking cohesive shapes that move you emotionally, that inspire you?

Do you have a child whose smiles, laughter lights up your heart unlike anything else?

Does a particular project or endeavour make you joyous for the potential of humanity?

I have many such things, but what I’ve realized after this meeting is that what moves me beyond almost anything else – in a consistent way – is the beauty, resilience and generosity of people.

No matter what happens, who they are, what they say or do, seeing their beauty is always better than seeing their failures and frailties.

I’m in the business of manifesting people’s ideas into reality.

I’m in the business of seeing the broken, ineffective and incorrect in their work.

I’m wired to see everything that’s NOT it.

So I had to work around that natural tendency and pause, look at people and reflect on their genuine beauty. There is a lot of it. There is a lot of patience, love and softness in the world.

There is far more of that than we can imagine, if we approach people correctly, with love, with compassion and understanding.

And if we want to get anywhere in the world, we need to learn to accept and embrace the different people in the world, the way they think, act and appear to us.

Back to the story.

A person I would have probably discounted in the past, someone incredibly vulnerable and honest – almost to a fault – sauntered into my life, and smiling in a hot pink hat, came clean about having “admired me” for quite some time.

I was genuinely surprised – as I always am when people use the words “you” and “admire” in the same sentence regarding me.

“Me? You admire me?”

Seemed not a fluke. The answer “Yyyyeah!” tumbled out.

I thought about myself. Was I ever capable of saying this to someone I had just physically met? The answer is generally “NO! I’m too shy!”

But the absolute surrendering of this individual to their truth, was amazing. I watched them saunter around in my life for some days, enjoying the absolute mental incongruity of this individual, that somehow worked.

Get out of character, out of script. Just go!

I assure you it wasn’t the flattery; it was the honesty that got me.

“What can I learn from all this, Kat?” I said to myself. “Where do you see vulnerability as a weakness?” “Where can you not do it yourself?”

That is the inquiry I’m currently in, around my business, around my clients, my friends.

The inspiration I’ve gleamed from this interaction has been truly beautiful and surprising. It’s inspired me endlessly, and one of the reasons has been amazing:

If honesty and vulnerability got ME so much, how can it ever be a weakness?

It can’t.

It’s hugely inspiring.

Give it a go.

You are loved.

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