Kat TepelyanKendall Nelson
Director, The Greater Good Movie
You are a true joy to work with.

You built our entire website and did an incredible job both aesthetically and technically. Your sense of design and style are top notch, and you ability to build a complicated website for us never failed to impress me.

I would work with you again any day.
Kat TepelyanGerman Ospina
Columbia University
…Your calm demeanor and planning skills made you invaluable when engaging in new projects.

Your ability to not only understand complex client needs, but to have the technical background and understanding to design and implement the correct solution for the client was a pleasure to observe…

You are a person you can completely rely on, having the unique ability to clearly express abstract concepts to clients as well as having the technical background to not only design a solution, but to implement the project to full completion.

You continue to be a professional contact and one of the few people that I would love to hire again when possible. A true pleasure to work with.
Kat TepelyanAmber Kryzc
Body Heart
You have a way of honing in on the specifics of my business and what is coming across to my audience.

I was blown away by not only your desire to know and understand what I was offering, but your genuine passion to assist me in creating and living my dream.

You're the real deal.
Kat TepelyanGreg Goodman
Photographer, Adventures of a Good Man
I've been trying to find someone to help me think for ages!

It's impossible to look at one's own passion without bias, so it was great to finally be able to have someone else take an honest look at my work and help me discover a new direction.

I'm extremely excited to start on my redesign and all these new avenues of ideas that we've come up with.

[Note: The site URL is his NEW site. Isn't it gorgeous?]
Kat TepelyanAimee Barr
Psychotherapist and youth advocate
Simply put, your intuition, creativity and intellect blew me away. In just one meeting, your guidance supported me in bringing my project to a new level.

I highly recommend your services to any entrepreneur who is ready to create something big and wants someone phenomenal to guide them through the process.
Kat TepelyanLandon Ray

You are great to work with!

Your attention to detail and eye for design is refreshing in a world of ‘good enough for now’ designers. You met deadlines, had creative solutions to tricky design problems and were easily able to navigate and integrate the feedback you got from many members of our team.

You is a true professional who gets the job done right!
Kat TepelyanJennifer Hillman
Bailey Bee Believes
You were phenomenal to work with.

Very professional and listened to the details of what my company needed to get started.

The program you use to communicate in order to get the site the customer is looking for is top of the line.

I highly recommend you for any company that is seeking nothing but the best!
Kat TepelyanDenise Pelletier
Writer, public speaker and advocate for traumatic brain injury survivors.
Your style impressed me. You listened to my story, and I felt completely understood. I don't say that too often, as often I am not sure the other person really "got it."

Your knowledge and experience in seeing the bigger picture helped me finalize my brand after I had struggled with it.

You helped me land on my tag line/banner for my website and also my one sentence response to the question "what do you do for work?"

Both speak to my authenticity and will open the door so I can share my story.
And all this was done in 1 hour! Thank you, Kat!
Kat TepelyanRachel Hayres
Clairvoyant and Spiritual Teacher
Kat, you're fun, you get to the point straight away & I got tons of value from our call.

I've seen a difference already in customer engagement & interaction... I felt supported, like you had clear steps to impact my business, and I loved how you were so honest about your experience with using my website.

I gained clarity on how to speak to clients, how to write copy, how to word my signs, how to get people to flow through my site to buy, how to simplify my systems.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate you & Your Epic Services!!
Kat TepelyanJulia Meltzer
Film Maker, The Light in Their Eyes Film
The required functions of a website for an independent film are so complex right now, and you completely understood that.

Your brilliant design and interface transformed our digital presence! Now our site has great functionality as well as streamlined branding.
Kat TepelyanClaire Lautier
Grasse Roots Perfumes
Your are a dynamic, intuitive, inspiring force of nature, a galvanizer who teaches you, by her own connectedness to the field of infinite potential, to structure primal, unconscious creative energy into something tangible.

Most importantly, you comes from the heart and care deeply about my process and success. 

I tell everyone about you because I’m so proud I get to work with you!
Kat TepelyanRob Scott
Executive Coach
I highly recommend working with Kat. I’m creating a new site for my business, and was all over the place. Really didn’t know who to trust, or what would be the best move to get what I needed.

After talking with you about what the Intensive is, I knew it was the right next step. It was really important to decide on my brand before putting up another site that really didn’t get it right. But then something else happened, we found TONS of stuff that I didn’t even imagine was there.

Your process was fun, and it opened me to a real branding of my work. I went there thinking it would be one thing, and you wouldn’t let me settle for it. You pulled a much bigger idea out of me.

If you’re considering working with her, stop thinking and just do it. She’s the best.

Rob Scott
Executive Coach
Kat TepelyanKalyanee Mam
Filmmaker, A River Changes Course
Working with you has gone above and beyond my expectations.

You're creative and resourceful, and everything you would expect from a designer. But what distinguishes you from others, is your combination of professionalism and punctuality with a large dose of personalism and personality.

We love working with you from designing an entire website for our film to creating the most simple banners.

I know we will be working with you for years to come!
Kat TepelyanAndrea Ramos Moore
I Love My GFF
Your branding intensive took me deep into thinking about what I want my business to represent and what that looks and feels like.

I was initially surprised and resisted what came up first, but then with more work discovered it was right on. You're intuitive, creative and extremely fun to work with.

You've been a creative spark plug for my business.
Kat Tepelyan
I learned the value of video, of private funder sites (of focused, targeted versions in general) and the use of icons. I also gained clarity on the drawbacks of free sites, of ways of engaging people (and what doesn't engage people.)

Love your values and forthright expression of them. And your skill & knowledge of your craft.
Kat TepelyanKatya Slepak
Malaya Organics
Dear Kat,

I want to start of by saying that you are a gem! And my secret weapon. 🙂

At the beginning of my branding journey with you, my ideas were scattered all over the place! Your patience and clarity helped me manifest my vision and figure out who my audience is, what look and feel I wish my brand to emanate and how to take the first step towards getting my business off the ground. Huge!

More than your branding genius, your designing skills are stunning! I love your style. Now, I know I did drive you and myself a bit crazy, but through all my indecisiveness, you managed to design the exact labels I wanted for my products. They are gorgeous! I constantly get compliments on the design of the labels. 

What moved me most about our work together is your commitment to helping me find my voice and communicate effectively that which I wish to share with the world. You are professional, assertive, direct yet lighthearted, and quite funny! Working with you was a true delight! It is such a comfort to know that I can come to you for all things regarding the branding of my company and so much more.

You are a powerhouse and, quite frankly, brilliant!

Thank you so much for your love and your support! I really couldn’t have done this without you. With so much gratitude!
Kat TepelyanElle McSharry,
Your blend of intuitive reflection and "take it to the bank" marketing and branding strategies are a stunning combination.

Where I started in the process and where I ended up don't look at all the same, and I have no doubt that I'm exactly where I need to be.

~~ thank you Kat!
Kat TepelyanClaire Burger
Special Assistant to Jeffrey D. Sachs
When we decided to establish a new website, you were the first person we went to. You have an incredible ability to understand client needs and translate them into a functional and aesthetically appealing website, and one that integrates seamlessly into our daily work.

Throughout the project, you maintained an unbelievable degree of responsiveness, flexibility, and patience that made you a joy to work with.
Kat TepelyanNadia Payan
Good Axe
I showed up on your proverbial doorstep with thoughts and dreams flying chaotically around me.

With your guidance, I’ve gained so much clarity on what it is I’m trying to achieve as an entrepreneur.

Your patience, energy and pushes in the right direction has led me to realize the true reason for my chaotic mind: I had two businesses, not just one!

Thank you, Kat.
Kat TepelyanRebecca Trobe
Impact Coaching and Consulting
You have an excellent set of skills that include precision, patience, diligence and an exceptional ability to listen without prejudice and inspire your clients.

You're committed to momentum and to getting into action.

It is more than enjoyable to work with you!

You not only fees like someone I can trust with my work but someone who want the best for me and my vision.
Kat TepelyanJohan Oeyen,
The Epic Brand Program clears a path in the myriad of marketing challenges and business strategy choices that were impeding me from moving forward.

Once I understood the true needs of my market, and I was clear on the uniqueness of my product(s), I was able to start moving forward and connect with my market.

Kat's experience and top class communication skills helped me to understand, practice and develop the tools that I will need to position myself in a way that is unique to my product, and brings the energy and clarity that will help those that will benefit from it.
Kat TepelyanNatasha Vorompiova
Cyprus Companies Portal
You exceeded our expectations! Without a doubt.

Our two-language site was done with a great accuracy, met our aesthetic requirements and, thanks to your guidance, allowed us to organize the information in an optimal and appealing way.

In addition to a designer, we received an intuitive website architect, online marketing expert, strategic advisor and simply an understanding, patient and easy-to-work with person.

You turned our vision into a reality.

You're fantastic!
Kat TepelyanCassandra Postema
Sustainable Designer & Founder, Emi & Eve
You helped draw out a way for me to write about myself and what I do in a way that made me feel comfortable, while at the same time getting the message across.

Crystalizing what I am about into an easy to grasp message is what I was after, and what I feel we achieved.

I now feel confident to step into the rest of the development my business with clear targets ahead.

[Note: The site above is the product of our work together.]
Kat Tepelyan
Talking with you is like meeting up with a longtime friend who is kind, honest and totally excited for you.

I gained clarity on the big picture. I was putting a lot of needless pressure on myself to go faster. You helped me remember that in trying to rush, I may actually miss the boat of my true calling.

The tortoise won the race!
Kat TepelyanAnna Pietribiasi
Business content strategist
I’m generally reluctant to online courses – there’s so much choice out there and you can never be 100% sure of the quality until you test it. But when I read the contents of The Epic Brand I knew it was the one for me!

There’s a lot of talk on storytelling and archetypes, but nobody gets to the nitty-gritty as Kat was able to do.

She uses her unique method that she has developed throughout her years of experience, and I couldn’t recommend anything better to anyone in search for clarity and new perspectives on their work, their value and their story.
Kat TepelyanLindsay Pera
Full Circle & Chronic Wellness // Wisen Apps
I learned and gained clarity on how to create a bridge and brand awareness across my many sites and services; I got feedback for improvements on the copy, clarity and function of my sites and received valuable suggestions for changes to tone of the b2b site.

Kat is wonderful!
Kat TepelyanBelinda Davidson
School of the Modern Mystic
You are a branding genius and an incredible individual. You’ve done so much for me and my business I don’t even know where to begin!

You taught me how to brand powerfully and position authentically, and with your support, I created in a very short space of time, a large online community and school. I went from being completely knowledgeable and un-tech savvy to a marketing maven.   

If you have the opportunity to work with this talented individual, do it! She will better your life and business in thousands of ways.


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