Privacy: Protect it or unlock it?

By December 22, 2014Branding, Design & Your Site

As I purchased a Kindle book with my smart phone, logged into my money managent software and paid some bills online, I heard about the Sony hack and wondered: Is anything really private anymore?


Have things ever really been private?

Before phones, before airlines, before before, we lived in villages and small towns, where everyone knew everything about everyone.

Information has always been a commodity and crucial to our survival; it will always be important. We just got to it differently before the tech stuff, and we stole it differently without the tech stuff.

Secrets are impossible in the quantum world of entanglement that we live in.

Someone wth the ability to see deeper than the average person can pull almost anything out of anyone. I’ve experienced people like this – secrets were a joke. This is because the energy of our thoughts and actions hang out with us and are accessible to others who have the eyes to see and ears to hear.

Even non-psychics pick up all kinds of “private” data from one moment of interaction with another person. Some are simply less aware than others.


What if we shared ourselves so radically that secrets became irrelevant?

That would be a different world.

And what if we weren’t afraid to come out about what makes us really happy in work? What if we finally did what we wanted to do?

The Epic Brand course is all about sharing your magic in the world, and enrollment is now open.

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If it’s time to go public about your magic and do it right, it’s time, especially during the Holidays.

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You are loved.

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