Ready to come out about your magic? The Epic Brand is relaunching.

By November 3, 2014Branding, Design & Your Site
It's time to come out

It's time to come outIt’s time to come out.

It’s time to grab your heart work by the horns and say “I’m done hiding! I’m here to make a difference, damn it!”

I know you want to do that, to have the “gall”, the “dare”, the “power” to stand up for what you believe in, what you KNOW to be true.

I also know there are plenty of things about that action that can terrify you. There was so much about it that terrified me, even as I was already running a business of my own.

Because there’s a difference between leaving a job and running the business of your heart.

Because there’s a difference between quitting something you don’t like and doing something that you love.

There is a gap there, which is full of whatever fears you have to come to face with.

Here’s what I know about you: You want to impact the world. You want to help your community, whoever they are, wherever they are.

So what would it take for you to talk about what you love – really love – out loud?

In a post I wrote a few weeks ago, I actually talked about some really difficult fears I had to look at and overcome. A fear from my childhood, and many a past life.

It was harsh and painful to see some really scary ideas and beliefs I lived with. But once I peered in, surrender and healed those thoughts, it felt amazing, I was free.

Maybe you don’t know how to talk to your people effectively in order to make the difference you want to make? Think you’re just like everyone else?

What if I told you that these concerns are actually technical ones?

If you concern is about not knowing how to talk to your folks, The Epic Brand is designed to teach you to do that.

If you think you’re just like everyone else, I’ll tell you that I’ve never met, let alone worked with two people who – even with similar ideas – thought about something the same way or delivered the same product. It just doesn’t happen.

Is your current site a reflection of your true intentions and desires in the world?

If the answer is “no”, this is also, actually just a technical issue, one that can be resolved fairly easily with the right know-how and support.

Don’t let it stop you…

So this leads me to something I’m really glad to announce:

I’m opening pre enrollment for the Epic Brand in November.

We need to get through the holidays without losing our minds, so classes won’t start until January 2015, rest assured, but I like to start a new year with a punch myself, so I want to start classes soon after the Jan 1 madness.

If you’re not on the list for more information yet, sign up below, and I will be in touch with the Free Training and early-registration prices as soon as they’re out, in a week or two.

Believe me, even though Epic is not a psychology course on limiting belief removal, the work we do in the course, the free meditation you receive as a bonus, it all leads to a clarity and lightness that helps you get your brand clear, super clear and preps you to launch the site of your dreams.

After all – we are a web community, and what good is a bunch of theory if you can’t design and develop a killer effective site at the end?

Get on the list and I’ll tell you all the details as they come out.


You are loved.

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