Starting the dialogue about fear

I am a humanist. In that I love humanity and all our plights through the quagmire of…being human. I shed a tear when stories break my heart or inspire me. I care. Often too deeply. Often carrying other people’s pains and gains like my own for days. My care has helped me build a business helping others succeed.

And what I see most often in those amazing and wondrous humans is that they are very very often afraid, terrified, of their largesse, of the leaps of faith required of them to move forward and of the transitions that force them into discomfort. We are human after all. And I too, know those feelings well.

So I’m starting a dialogue about fear and will soon be doing a podcast about that and many other topics relating to your creative endeavors. This has been the song of my heart for years. As I’ve helped you navigate your branding and your design stuff, I’m allowing myself to step into a role I’ve held in my friendship circles for years but one I didn’t allow myself publicly – clarifier, sound board and mystic.

This week I’ve spent a lot of time in contemplation about the transitional effects of fear and how it manages to choke us despite its fleeting nature. It comes and goes.

Having been on the road the last months and now returning to Kauai and needing to find a home when all hope seemed lost (the market here can be sketchy at best), I’ve watched my own chest clench and throat tighten, my own brows furrow and my own tongue roll into words like “will it all be ok?”

What’s next? What’s after that?

This is what I will be exploring and tying in with your work and creative pursuits in this ongoing series.

One post isn’t enough to sum up the lessons I’ve learned on my journey(s). And talking about branding is not unsynonymous with talking of tackling our fears as we come out about our talents and gifts in the world.

(Photo from Colette Baron-Reid’s Tarot Deck)

You are loved.

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