Staying Positive Despite…

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Have you watched the news recently?

Don’t tell me. Let me guess!

Either you have and flicked it off saying “What is this trash?” or if you read alternative news sources, probably something like “Ok, I get it. Things are rough. Now what?”

Or is it just me?

I live in NYC for about half the year now instead of full time like I used to, for a few reasons:

  1. I like exploring
  2. This place is a bubble, and I need to know what’s happening elsewhere, what people think like, etc. Basically #1.

And one of the things I find no matter where I go, no matter whom I meet, is that people are fundamentally the same. We all want the same things:

family / friends
a way to support ourselves

Some people I’ve met have no concept of “thriving” at all yet. They are in a reality where they’re simply trying to survive. And this is hard to bear.

I want to shake them and say “You have options!”, and despite what it often feels like, this is true.

But I don’t walk away unscathed. I feel for them – intensely. I want to hug the world and make it a better place. I want to stop deforestation, eliminate hunger, disease, poverty, hate and selfishness. I want to see our planet whole. I want to not meet people who believe war is the only solution. I want people to smile, thrive, do what their soul calls them to do and laugh, a lot.

Sometimes I get so heart broken that I lay in bed weeping, feeling helpless and sorry for myself, thinking “I am but one.”

Yet this isn’t true.

The more I live and travel, the more I meet amazing, like-minded people, the more I realize that there are thousands, no, millions, of people with ideas and implementation to make the world a better place. Every documentary I watch changes me. I learn more; I see my mind evolve; I watch connections being made.

I CHOOSE to stay positive, despite…

Because it’s far too easy to give up and say “We’re f***ed.” It’s too easy to bury ourselves into the minutia and forget that we are a collective. It’s too easy to get scared and run for the hills that are quickly being stripped of trees.

It is too easy to pretend we have no responsibility to ourselves and one another to live lives that are reflective of the current, changing, times, lives of full self expression and generosity that become beacons for others to do the same.

And the actions we take must be in line with what we’re here to do.

For some it might mean simply being kinder to others. For some it might be planting a garden in their neighborhood. For some it might mean choosing to not send troops into death zones. For some it might mean looking about and asking “What can I do?” and allowing the answers to show up when it’s time.

It varies.

But heartbreak as a constant variable is not an option. Not anymore.

We’ve all had relationships that had our knees buckle from pain and loss. We’ve all felt that “This is it. I can’t recover from this.” But we can, and if we want to, we do.

Imagine never allowing love back into your life? What’s the point?

Same thing with the global state of things.

I personally know dozens of people whose lives are dedicated to helping the planet, dozens of people who are involved in major global projects that are MAKING the changes necessary. But I bet there were plenty of people in their world who thought they were absolutely bat$hit.

Someone always said “Relax. Have a beer. Forget.” And they tried, but it didn’t work.

So they got up and went on, despite.

They spoke about their calling, despite.

They made “waves in the pool” as the Russian saying goes (meaning making change), despite.

We can NOT do this alone. We’re not meant to.

So what can we do NOW? Where can we start TODAY? That’s the million dollar question that’s worthy of personal inquiry.

Blessings and godspeed to you all.

You are loved.

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