Surviving the Emotions: Keeping your brand afloat through the ups and downs.

Surviving the Emotions

It will happen. We aren’t robots, and sometimes all we want to do is drink iced-coffee while watching Halt and Catch Fire in sequence.

It will happen. You will lose your desire to keep “pushing” your work along, (especially if it’s felt like pushing rather than being). You will lose your desire to do what you’d been doing week after week for months, years.

It will happen, and you will dismay because some place in your head, your heart you think you can’t. “Entrepreneurs don’t quit.” You’ll think. “Why me? Am I a failure? Am I done?”

Maybe. But more often than not, you’re not. You’re just having a moment. This is normal and expected.

What’s not as expected or desired is that you quit altogether or blow up online into a million clusters of universal stardust while tweeting your exhausted apathy to your subscribers.

Try this instead:

1. Stop doing. Acknowledge. Do nothing.

“I’m not doing anything today.” is usually how mine goes. My partner knows by now what that means. “Ok.” He says. “Want to watch a movie?”

I take my space and forget my issue altogether.

We are so inundated with FACTS, SUCCESS STORIES, EXAMPLES. STUFF! That we just need to ignore everything sometimes. Sometimes for a while.

2. Reflect on “Why the Emotions?” and “Why Now?”

You’re allowed to pause and reflect on what you’re doing because sometimes the desire to do nothing, or to even drop what you’re doing and run the other way, is a sign that you need to deeply evaluate your needs and your authentic desires.

Are you in the right place? Are you doing what you REALLY want to be doing?

Last week I wrote about wasting time, about going beyond the space of unwillingness to make a choice. What are you avoiding looking at?

3. Don’t throw up online

I’m a fan of authenticity, but I’m not a fan of dirty laundry pretending to be solution-oriented writing/vlogging/etc. If you haven’t processed your feelings yet, keep that shit to yourself and write about it when you have.

Everyone will get more out of it, and your brand won’t suffer or become known as an immature one.

You may regret the hysterics later when your viewers don’t forget and nothing good comes out of it.

4. How can you use this in your work? What have you learned about yourself that you can express to your audience?

Not everything is marketable, not everything is sellable nor should it be. I just really want you to think about everything as an opportunity to become a bigger, whole version of yourself.

And for those of you who run persona-based brands and businesses, your breakdowns may become huge breakthroughs and sales opportunities if they lead to something good, authentic and meaningful. When you come out of a breakdown, don’t you often have a long-range missile clarity on a hundred different things suddenly?

Use that.

Breakdowns happen, and as one of my favorite Tarot decks, a deck by Osho, says “Breakdowns don’t always become breakthroughs. That’s a choice.” Tweet This

Make a powerful choice.

You are loved.

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