The 3 necessary – well written – elements of your successful site

The 3 necessary - well written - elements of your successful site

The necessary – written – parts of a site are fairly clear and straightforward, and YET, the devil’s in the details, right?

Right, let’s jump right in.

1. A clear statement of who you are and what you do

Wham bam, thank you ma’am. I get to your site, and I need to know right away what this is all about. People only read when they’re enticed instantly. Don’t be wishy washy. Don’t make me work for it. If you do, I’ll leave. I promise.

This statement will have your why wrapped up within it, if you’ve written it well. (Read Ask Yourself Why for tips on how to get there and why that’s even important.)

Q: How do you get to that awesome one liner that just about wraps up everything like a tight sailor’s knot?

A: Make a 3 column list.

Column 1: What you do.
Column 2: Who you are.
Column 3: Why you do this. (Again, use the post I list above for tips on synthesizing this as best you can.)

Stare at these three columns and start scratching down ideas of synthesized, crystal clear statements that wrap up what you do. The statement should have the best of all those three combined.

2. A clearly stated WHO you work with

For the sake of your sanity, let people self select. I used to get so many emails from prospects that I didn’t want, I wanted to gently roll off a balcony ledge – almost. Seriously. I learned the hard way.

You are NOT for everyone. Get that chiseled into your brain. And then learn to say it constructively.

from my about page:

What do I need from you? You’ve gotta be inspired by what you do.

I work with folks up to something big in the world, because when I take a project on, it gets my time and attention. It gets my honesty, clarity and vision, so it’s important that I fully stand behind your mission to deliver the best results and help you move with velocity in the right direction.

See what I mean? Wishy washy folks simply don’t get in touch with me. But those that do are SO lit up, because they just know I’m the one for them. Get it?

Who is your target audience? Are you clear on who you DON’T want to work with? Knowing that is super duper important.

3. A well organized About page

Some may say my about page is long. I don’t care. You know why? Because you get the most important stuff up top. I state exactly what I’m here to do and who I work with.

Then you can grab my slightly absurd life story if you so wish. The folks that end of working with me have commented on this particular thing. They want to get to know ME, and they enjoy the laugh they get from my story.

Start with the most important thing first, then let people self select.


You are loved.

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