So you may be running a business already and feel that something is just off about your communication strategy, site design or branding.

Or you might have a great idea that’s just not looking good enough to make the impact you want…

Or your site is NOT an appropriate reflection of you…

Maybe you’re just confused about your brand voice and how to interact – consistently – with your audience…

If you finally want to get it all together and do it WELL, you’re in the right place.

Over 5 classrooms, we cover all the important elements of brand positioning, customer understanding, language and visuals…

After years of doing this, I know this process can be intense, as it is deep. That’s why I’ve set up the classrooms so that you can do a Class and call each week for 5 weeks or you can spread the work over 10 weeks. It’s up to you, and we discuss that as we go. No pressure. I want you to get the most out of this.

In the One on One, we look at what makes you tick, excited.

We look at your STORY and connect deeply to who you are. We look at your services and optimize them with the correct language for your tribe. 

We look at visuals and user flow across your site. We dig, play and surrender to your inner truth in order to discover your unique brand…A brand that reflects you, your way of doing things and your purpose.

Once that clarity is there, we see a direct path towards the materialization of your goals… across the web, into product development and the rest.

The Syllabus

Authentic Inspirations

and Your Tribe

We start out by closely examining your core intentions, your core inspirations around your work, and move into deeply understanding your target audience, your AUTHENTIC TRIBE.

We start here because unlike what you’ve done before, your tribe is a reflection of your life experience.

In my years of doing this, I find that most of us gravitate toward a certain person in our work. That gravitation is predictable and intuitive. Yet it is not entirely logical.

We dig in here and DISCOVER your tribesman and begin to relate to them and their needs.

This is the starting point of crafting appropriate language and visuals of your brand.

Brand Discovery

Next, we take what we learned in Class 1 and apply our understanding by deeply connecting to the energy that wants to be born of us – the brand – an often elusive concept we clear up and wield to align with our true intentions.

This is where we DISCOVER your brand through a series of deeply creative and artistic exercises designed to tap into that deeply subconscious part of you that’s hoping to be spoken to. We speak to it.

And we discover the magic that wants to be born. It has been there all along.

After we are done here, the next steps practically tumble out.

Strategic Services

Now, we take a good look at your brand with a fresh eye and reevaluate what you’ve been offering and how that fits into the greater picture we have painted.

Whatever is no longer in alignment is seen instantly.

We recreate your business world anew and redesign your deliverables based on the authentic demands of the brand.


Talking about ourselves in the context of our brand is often very difficult. Most people don’t even see the value of this until they do the work and realize that who they are is 100% relevant to the new customer – a customer who is more intuitive and picky than ever before.We also look at your unique positioning, your unique self and begin to really craft the language we will use.

We are releasing YOU into the world, and we need an effective way of talking about you.

Visuals & The Brand Book

Now we’re ready to CREATE your look.

Don’t worry, you won’t be designing anything. You’ll be following a set of exercises that will have you compile your vision palpably, in real time.

At the end of this Classroom (upon completing your HW), you will have in your hands something you can hand off to ANY designer worth their salt to have them develop and redevelop your site with your authentic brand and voice represented.

We have done ALL THE HARD WORK. You are ready to fly.

The Structure

  • A beautiful private Membership Site you have access to FOR LIFE
  • 5 Video Classrooms delivered once every 2 weeks
  • Homework Assignments
  • Resources for further research and examination
  • A Facebook community
  • A guided Meditation (FREE Bonus)
  • 5, 45 minute phone calls with me

What You Get

  • A current site/process review
  • A deep understanding and alignment with who your Tribe is and what they want. You now understand how to speak with them.
  • Total brand clarity: how your business is positioned to the world; how it needs to show up to be successful using age-old myths, Jungian archetypes and collaging.
  • Strategy for how your vision and brand will be expressed online.
  • User flow design – we decide where we want them to go on your site, making the user experience a fluid, clear and pleasant one.
  • A site wireframe to launch your site design and development process from.
  • Clarity on how to manage your brand in the future.
  • My 15 years of experience in the web industry and my deeply intuitive nature that helps me see the best look for your site, help you clarify any questions you have and help you move past blocks that hold you back.

Before Epic

  • Inconsistent Communication voice
  • Lack of visual clarity
  • Cluttered website with extraneous design elements
  • Lack of clarity about web flow
The Brand

After Epic

  • Clarity about consistent communication voice
  • Services that reflect your true desires and talents
  • Clean and effective website

What People are Saying

I’m generally reluctant to take online courses – there’s so much choice out there and you can never be 100% sure of the quality until you test it. But when I read the contents of The Epic Brand I knew it was the one for me!

There’s a lot of talk on storytelling and archetypes, but nobody gets to the nitty-gritty as Kat was able to do.

She uses her unique method that she has developed throughout her years of experience, and I couldn’t recommend anything better to anyone in search for clarity and new perspectives on their work, their value and their story.

Anna PietribiasiBusiness content strategist, AP

Your branding intensive took me deep into thinking about what I want my business to represent and what that looks and feels like.I was initially surprised and resisted what came up first, but then with more work discovered it was right on. You’re intuitive, creative and extremely fun to work with.

You’ve been a creative spark plug for my business.

Andrea Ramos Moore I Love My GFF, food truck

You helped draw out a way for me to write about myself and what I do in a way that made me feel comfortable, while at the same time getting the message across.Crystalizing what I am about into an easy to grasp message is what I was after, and what I feel we achieved.

I now feel confident to step into the rest of the development my business with clear targets ahead.

Cassandra PostemaSustainable Designer & Founder, Emi & Eve

I highly recommend working with Kat. I’m creating a new site for my business, and was all over the place. Really didn’t know who to trust, or what would be the best move to get what I needed.

After talking with you about what the Intensive is, I knew it was the right next step. It was really important to decide on my brand before putting up another site that really didn’t get it right. But then something else happened, we found TONS of stuff that I didn’t even imagine was there.

Your process was fun, and it opened me to a real branding of my work. I went there thinking it would be one thing, and you wouldn’t let me settle for it. You pulled a much bigger idea out of me.

If you’re considering working with her, stop thinking and just do it. She’s the best.

Rob ScottExecutive Coach

Starting my own business is a completely new and daunting experience and I’m so grateful I have shared the early part of the journey with Kat. She not only is an expert on what she does best (branding, web design, writing etc.), she also know how to bring the inner-genius of YOU.

She guides you but also leave the room for your self-discovery.

Our one-on-one Epic brand session was always engaging and full of sparks and new ideas. She is a great sounding-board and she always is honest with her opinion which I value so much.

She is perceptive, full of energy and lots of fun.

Grace NiuFounder, Feng Shui Serenity

Dear Kat,

I want to start of by saying that you are a gem! And my secret weapon. :)At the beginning of my branding journey with you, my ideas were scattered all over the place! Your patience and clarity helped me manifest my vision and figure out who my audience is, what look and feel I wish my brand to emanate and how to take the first step towards getting my business off the ground. Huge!More than your branding genius, your designing skills are stunning! I love your style. Now, I know I did drive you and myself a bit crazy, but through all my indecisiveness, you managed to design the exact labels I wanted for my products. They are gorgeous! I constantly get compliments on the design of the labels.

What moved me most about our work together is your commitment to helping me find my voice and communicate effectively that which I wish to share with the world. You are professional, assertive, direct yet lighthearted, and quite funny! Working with you was a true delight! It is such a comfort to know that I can come to you for all things regarding the branding of my company and so much more.

You are a powerhouse and, quite frankly, brilliant!

Thank you so much for your love and your support! I really couldn’t have done this without you. With so much gratitude!

Katya SlepakOwner, Malaya Organics

You are a branding genius and an incredible individual. You’ve done so much for me and my business I don’t even know where to begin!

You taught me how to brand powerfully and position authentically, and with your support, I created in a very short space of time, a large online community and school. I went from being completely knowledgeable and un-tech savvy to a marketing maven.If you have the opportunity to work with this talented individual, do it!

She will better your life and business in thousands of ways.The Intensives are designed to bring clarity to the surface. They are holistic (all encompassing) inquiries into your business, your purpose and your goals.

Belinda DavidsonFounder of School of the Modern Mystic

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