What big brands know that you should

The Brand

A lot of the people I work with start out asking me about design. They ask for color advice, layout and the like.

What most people don’t realize is that in order to have a lasting brand they have to start elsewhere first: at the core. Big brands know this, and they work it.

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Your Mission

Your mission – whether you’ve written it down or not (and I recommend that you do) – is your purpose for doing what you’re doing. Most of you don’t go into business exclusively for making money. I hope that there’s some semblance of care and belief in what you’re doing if you’re willing to put in the hours into starting and running your own business.

You should be crystal clear why you’re doing what you’re doing.


Your Products & Services

What do you offer? What are your strong points? What do you want to be doing?

This is a no brainer. Right?

Actually this can be a pain point for many entrepreneurs because we like to do a lot of different things. And that’s fine, but if the stuff you offer on the same site is unrelated, you’ve got to separate the two. I write about this in detail here.

If your product or service is hazy, get clear. Without this, you can’t actually offer anything. No brainer.


Your Target Audience

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: Know who your audience is.


Your audience is NOT everybody.

I know that a lot of us have had trouble segmenting, getting specific and deciding who we want to work with because that group can change and will change over time.

But getting clear on at least some key character traits and demographics of your ideal audience is really very important. The clearer you are, the more precise your communication with that group will be and the more GOOD business you’ll get.

A good site – one that is clear in the offer and audience – amongst other things like sell your stuff also helps by filtering out the “wrong” client on its own. You wont have to spend a bunch of time responding to people you really don’t want to work with; the wrong people wont want to work with you. And this is seriously a win win.


Your Brand Archetype

Your what?

Archetypal branding is the best thing since sliced bread. This is the ability to tap into the core values and identity of your brand and speaking through this personification in a sense. This is in no way false. This is simply finding the core values you have and want your brand to express in the world and sticking to your guns.

The reason why this has been amazingly effective for brands that use this archetyping well, is that their voice doesn’t change over time. It’s consistent over time.

Learning from the successfully branded, we can surmise that unless you’re Madonna – with the Outlaw archetype, and standing for rebellion – you shouldn’t be changing what you do and how you do it constantly. Even Harley Davidson – an Outlaw archetype as well – is consistent in their designs, logo and approach.

This takes skill and real insight, but knowing your archetype can make a huge difference in your business RIGHT AWAY. I see it happen over and over.

What happens then?

The Brand

When you have the 4 handled, the natural and consistent pathways to your brand management – which is just a fancy way of saying “Making stuff that’s consistent and consistently successful” – becomes much easier.

You know how to speak to your people. You know what the products and services will look like. You know the types of products your target wants, and you know how to deliver them in your own way.

And this stuff makes a lasting brand.

What’s next for you?

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You are loved.

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