What if you took control of your own creative process?

By February 23, 2015Branding, Design & Your Site
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How many service providers have failed you, infuriated you or otherwise made you crazy enough that you wanted to throw your computer, your phone against the wall?

I am quietly growling just thinking about some of my most recent experiences…

In January, I switched mailing list systems, excited about the purported services, and within a week, I was on with the help people every. single. day. They would insist the issues were actually features. Their developers, instead, would say: “No. This is a bug. We’re working on it.” When it would be fixed, though, no one ever knew.

Then I lost my keys and discovered that it actually took 3 visits to the local hardware store in order to get keys made that fit my door AND turned. So much to ask…

Impeccability has been on question lately. Consistency has been on question lately.

What does it take to do something well? Why do we have to return something 3 times, to demand decent service?

Well you don’t, and this is exactly what I’ve been being called on to remedy with my clients recently. Mainly, the impeccability, or lack there-of, of their previous designers, brand “experts”, developers and communication “guides.”

Story after story of web designs gone wrong, of branding being “handed” to them without discussion, of sites not working, of simple updates being completely impossible to do… I hear the stories and want to pull my hair out. Things just don’t have to be so hard.

You. Are. The. Creative.

I generally turn the table on my clients and say “Now that we know what we know, what can you do yourself on this? Where can you be empowered to trust yourself on what the answers are?”

I build sites that don’t require me to function.
I work on your brand WITH you, facilitating the discovery process more than anything.

The Epic Brand: Self-Discovery Sessions

From March through May, you will be able to do The Epic Brand on your own time, at your own pace. I’ve never offered this before and not sure I will again.

The Self-Discovery Sessions come with 1 hour of One on One time with me at the end. To discuss your discoveries, to polish what you’ve discovered, created, and to plan your new site.

I will be releasing all the information in the coming weeks, so if you aren’t yet on the Epic list and you know you’ll want to hear more, put your name below, and I’ll be in touch about this.


You. Are. The. Creative.

Now do tell me some juicy (horrible) service stories. I love a good drama. 🙂

You are loved.

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