What IS Branding? A simple definition to clarify the “mystique”

I have been asked this A LOT, which makes sense because there are a number of associations with the word. People assume we’ll start designing logos as soon as we sit down.


Here’s how I see branding.

Branding is:

Coming up with a cohesive, consistent, all-encompasing vision for the purpose, direction and activities of the brand (aka business).

This direction is born of a deep connection, understanding (and agreement) with WHAT you’re doing, HOW you’re doing it, and WHY you’re doing it.

This impacts how the brand will be seen, understood and received in the world.

Simple, dimple.

Get aligned with who you are, what you want to create and see it projected out in the world. This visioning process is stunning. It can be confronting and challenging, but it’s well worth it!

And if you need help with this process, you need only ask.

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