You waste time to avoid the important. There’s magic on the other side.

We often choose to stay busy – doing ANYTHING – lest we have to be left alone with our thoughts, dreams and ideas. They begin reminding us that we’re ignoring them, that we’re possibly avoiding some important decisions, and we couldn’t have that.

Now I’ve done this plenty, especially when I first started working for myself. One one side, I didn’t have the know-how to eliminate unnecessary tasks, on the other side, with the other truth was that I PREFERRED to be busy with minutia rather than developing my business in any kind of coherent way.

I continued working like an”employee” for months, behaving like a millionaire with time – I had plenty of it. This allowed the daydreaming to take over. Which was fun, but not effective.

Now that I have a small child, being impeccable with my time has become an absolute must as I have 4-5 hours a day MAX to do non-baby stuff. As this realization dawned on me, I also saw how much time I was wasting – not only on things that brought me little return, but on things that were taking me backwards: like working with clients who were no fun, who continued to be late on payments, who didn’t meet their half of the work by supplying me what I needed when I needed it. Stuff that annoyed me and made me sad and sapped my energy to love what I did.

I was avoiding making difficult decisions about my business. And so I kept busy doing crap. Tweet This

Most of us don’t want to talk about our business results openly, but to be perfectly blunt about it, until I cut the BS activities from my life and got my emotions under control, I flailed in my work. I was unclear in my message, who I was working with and what I was offering.

I was so emotionally invested in my already-always-listening of myself and what I did that I couldn’t step out of my own bubble and look at it all objectively.

The truth is no one really cares about what you did or who you did it with unless you’re clear in what you’re doing now. Tweet This

My awards and client list was irrelevant. I couldn’t ride on those coattails. I had to keep moving. Pride, goodbye.

This was all hiding under the remedial tasks I was doing to avoid facing the uncomfortable.

So I pulled the plug and started listening more, and everything changed. I could afford to take my own maternity leave and return when I wanted to. And all the crap I was wasting my time on had to GO.

No more hours of reading about social media strategy that simply didn’t work for me.
No more second-guessing my own intuitive hunches.
No more.
No more.
No more.

It must all became about action: If it works, continue. If it fails, do something else.

I dropped the emotional attachment and started seeing my business as a BUSINESS. This is especially important if your business is your HEART.

My colleague and friend Erin Day (formerly Erin Cox), once told me that she could see herself only hiring mothers because they can squeeze the world out of an hour.

But you don’t have to be a mom to realize that you’re much happier when your work isn’t hindered by fears and inabilities to make a choice.

Choose. And go forward. If it fails, you can always do something else. Why not?
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You are loved.

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