Working with Jeffrey Sachs

By February 17, 2012BIG IDEAS
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“We can’t do this right now.”

My response in 2007 to: “Can we have one site that houses ALL of Jeff’s work?”

We were already far too busy. The Earth Institute was growing, and the web department (a tiny thing) was rebuilding EI’s home site along with the dozen or so center sites popping up like mushrooms.

To build a completely customized site for Jeffrey Sachs, EI’s director amongst many many other things, just didn’t seem realistic unless we hired outside help, and we couldn’t at the time.

Who knew, that after leaving the University, traveling the world and coming back to New York, I’d be fortunate enough to be the outside help brought in to work on

Not only am I honored to have designed and built this site because I have enormous love and respect for Professor Sach’s work, but I am also incredibly excited that all of you will be able to access it in one place.

I hope the site is successful in teaching, inspiring and helping us to facilitate humanity’s shift towards fairness, goodness and global responsibility.

You are loved.

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