The Light in Her Eyes, a documentary

By May 15, 2012BIG IDEAS
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Client: The Light in Her Eyes Movie

“We want it to look gorgeous! But we want the photo to be the MAIN thing on the page! None of the unnecessary extras.”

My kind of people, I thought. God bless minimalists.

Julia Meltzer and Laura Nix, both director and producer for The Light in Her Eyes movie wanted space.

And me? I’m a big fan of space. “Negative space”, a woodworker friend of mine calls it. “I love negative space.” He’d say, looking at the lovely zones of nothingness created by the curvy, polished edges of his furniture.

All of it sounded great. I got to play with minimalism.

But we still had to make this thing functional. As in, we still needed the site to be a “machine ” – it had to presell DVD’s, booster community engagement and have people show up for screenings… all while remaining slinky, sexy, light and themed.

What to do? Lock yourself away for half a day…

More precisely, I put all the secondary engagement elements below the fold. Because the first and most important goal was to get the preview watched, to be taken INTO the site via the imagery and only then to ask people to engage further.

So sidebars weren’t gonna happen here. I offered to make one for a split second, but the silence on the phone was indicative: There would be NO sidebars on this site.

I quite like what we came up with.

The Light in Her Eyes Movie 2

Take a look at the site, watch the film preview and grab yourselves a copy here:

You are loved.

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