Humility: the (mostly) missing clarifier

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I just returned from Chris Gillebeau’s World Domination Summit, a wonderful gathering of like-minded service-centered entrepreneurs, and something kept coming up for me as I sat listening to people’s stories and meeting folks:


It struck me that while I met many amazing, humble folks, many people have trouble hitting this beautiful mid-point in their work, and it’s a huge, vital piece of a successful business.

Most people seem to teeter between a lack of confidence and a presumptuous pride that seems neither authentic nor necessary. (Projected pride is just well masked insecurity.)

Of course we misunderstand social cues and really have to get to know a person before we can brand them this or that. Even then, we always have the option of evolving, so what I’m saying is in no way a condemnation, merely an observation.

I think the more humble we become about our unique gifts and how we are here to serve the world while standing for what we want, not from a holier-than-thou perspective, but from a real balanced, self-love perspective, we can offer SO MUCH MORE to the world and be paid well to do so.

The connected universe

“I am you and you are me.” We have all heard this dozens of times. But what does this mean in practical terms?


So to make the world a better, more balanced, healthy place (which I know you want), we first need to be healthy and balanced within ourselves. And that process usually looks like shit. We are wobbly, defensive, silly, overconfident or insecure. This is normal.

But the point is to grow.

This place is a playground for the human experience, and the idea is to align with our gifts and our purpose in order to provide that with our own personal flair to others.
Small businesses are the future in very. literal. terms.

Instead of being humble and authentic, I see instead a desire to mask where we ACTUALLY are. (I’ve done it, and it sucked.) We often decide, instead, that we need to protect ourselves.


People with highly developed intuitions – most of us – can smell BS from a mile away. Spare yourself the shame of seemings like an ass.

Today’s winners on both personal and business fronts are ALWAYS the most vulnerable and honest human beings.

Those are the only people I work with.

Fake it till you make it?

There’s a lot of that BS online these days. Inflated prices, overconfident service offerings that don’t hit the mark, etc. etc. You’ve seen it. You know it when your stomach contracts, or if you’re like me, you sigh deeply and close the page.

I worked on Wall st. when I was but 19 and learned a lot about what NOT to do.

If you KNOW you need to get better at a specific skill, do it. Don’t go offering things you have no business offering. And don’t go pretending.

Save everyone the hassle and the lies.

There is a lid for every pot.

What occurs as low-level for me may be the best thing ever for another and vise versa. We can meet the same person and walk away with completely different views. But the key here is to be an awesome human being, a person others KNOW is behind their purpose fully, ready and willing to help when it’s correct and aligned for both parties.

And we are, after all, all here to serve.

Humility, the persistent clarifier.

Humility will teach you to learn. It will teach you to interact, to listen, to make REAL friends.

Don’t lose out on an amazing life because you’re scared to show us your real feathers. A sparrow has no business flying the condor’s altitudes.

But for us humans, being a sparrow is not set in stone.

Grow, evolve, and you can hit altitudes a sparrow can’t even imagine.

You are loved.

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