Soul Branding: Lining Up Your Purpose With Your Business

By May 28, 2013BIG IDEAS

Guest post by: Claire Lautier

When we first had the idea for what became AWAKEN Aroma Jewelry, I didn’t foresee that a mere idea would set in motion powerful forces that would transform me completely. The Universe was about to take me through an exercise in building a brand from the soul outward, and remind me that truly creative idea generation emanates from beyond the mind.

AWAKEN is a line of aromatic jewelry designed to help balance the chakra system with a combination of gemstone, plant, and color energy; My friend Brenda and I had the idea one day when we were working next to each other at a crafts fair; she’s a jeweler, I’m a natural perfumer — it seemed a perfect fit.

She’d choose the gemstones and design the necklaces, and I’d create a line of seven companion ‘chakra perfumes’ with balancing essences for each energy center. We commissioned a friend to create the hand-blown colored glass pendants to go on the necklaces and hold the perfumes, and voila! The result is totally modular and really cool.

It also happened at lightning speed – before I was ready.

It turns out you don’t just whip up a line of chakra perfumes; doing so with integrity required more than deciding which essences to use. It required above all a high level of clarity and connection to my soul – in other words, open and balanced chakras.

And I had to admit that at the time, my relationship with my energy anatomy was… a bit vague.

See, when you create and sell anything related to chakras, you risk being labeled (often justifiably) as flaky, New Age, airy-fairy, out of touch, fanciful, magical thinker, well meaning but ineffectual, fantasist, con artist, or worse. And I did not wanna deserve any of those labels.

The truth is, when we talk about the chakra system, we wander into territory that, for most people, is kinda foggy. It isn’t taught in school (yet), it isn’t the basis for our Western culture, so we either think the whole thing is exotic hogwash, or we dig the concept, but have no clue how it applies to daily life.

Yeah, we can do yoga, and believe in chakras and energy fields and all, it’s even fashionable now, but really it’s all pretty nebulous, isn’t it? We still have the same problems, anxieties, and fears.So what if we have chakras? So what if we’re made of energy? If we don’t know how to work with our energy to effect real change, what difference is a necklace going to make?

None, of course.

Nothing out there, nothing we can own, acquire, or imbue with meaning has the power to create lasting change within us; yet we keep looking outside ourselves for answers that simply aren’t there.

For years I tried and failed to commit to a meditation practice.

I bought books, crystals, prayer beads, tarot decks, incense, mandalas, and essential oils; I paid for healings, readings, horoscopes, workshops, ‘initiations’, hoping to keep those aforementioned problems, anxieties and fears at bay. Some experiences were of value, to be sure, but then I was on my own again, with a few more props whose hoped-for ‘powers’ faded as they failed to solve life’s problems.

So there I was, about to create an AWAKEN perfume for each chakra, facing an existential crisis about whether it was even relevant. It had to be real, not merely appeal to someone’s fantasy of change ‘in the future’. To go forward, I knew I had to tune in to my soul. But how?

That’s when Kat’s email landed in my inbox, and prompted me to contact someone I’d never met who lives on the other side of the globe: Belinda, a friend of Kat’s and a gifted clairvoyant. Over Skype, I poured my heart out to her about AWAKEN. She listened, and shared some valuable insights, but in the end, she offered a simple, practical piece of advice that changed everything:

Meditate daily and work on your chakras directly. Everything else will take care of itself.

That statement resounded through my being like a giant gong, shaking everything down and bringing Reality into sharp relief. It was, dare I say, an awakening. Suddenly I knew I could tune my life by tuning my chakras, and that all personal and business decisions would grow from that attunement, as vital to life as breath itself. I never looked back. And the chakra perfumes pretty much made themselves.

Now that I work directly on my chakras during meditation, I’m starting to understand that everything in existence affects the energy anatomy, and consequently, the biological/psychosomatic network of the human.

The vibrations of plant and flower essences affect us, the vibrations of gemstones and colors and sound affect us.

We have many tools at our disposal. But now when I wear my AWAKEN pendant, I do so not in the hope that it will fix what’s wrong with me, but in the certain knowledge that the power to transform is in my own hands.

Through a business idea, the Universe gave me a gift. It brought immediacy and clarity to what had seemed vague and inaccessible: our elegant inbuilt chakra system. As the formless became form, and AWAKEN became a reality, so did the possibility of a relationship with my very own soul. And when your brand lines up with your soul purpose, the Universe will bless you and all those you serve through it.

You are loved.

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