Below is a list of products and services that run my business and that I’ve tried and love.

Some of the products and service links are affiliates, some aren’t.

I only affiliate for things I use myself.

Website Stuff

Genesis framework for WordPress

I work exclusively with this system, which is excellent and comes with an extensive theme collection, allowing a great starting place for any site I need to build.

Bluehost Hosting

After much searching, I’ve fallen in love with these guys, moving all my stuff over to them and recommending all my clients do the same.



Webinar Jam

Time to do webinars? This killer webinar system kicks everything you’ve worked with out of the water. Check them out.


Client and Money Management

Active Campaign

If you’re a fan of Mailchimp, this system will kick MC out of the water with its amazing email flow diagrams and ease of use. I was with MC for a long time, and I switched to AC because it is easier to use, has MUCH more SIMPLE segmenting power, and is overall a better system.


This became a sweet and at first unlikely client / invoice / money organizer for me, and I’ve been really enjoying it. It helped me keep a lot of things organized this past year. And it’s more affordable than having multiple systems that do the same thing – send invoices, receive digital payments, organize leads and track bank stuff. It does lots.


Content & Project Organization


I literally do everything in this… everything. Every note, article, letter, every idea gets typed up or photographed from my journal and tagged.


THE system if you want something modular to build a home for your business. Manage your clients, deadlines, documents and intake forms. Takes some learning but well worth it.