When Rebranding, Have a GOAL

By January 22, 2012Branding, Design & Your Site
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What's your goal? I am lucky in that when people feel like changing something on their site, they come to me. Lucky ducky, right?

Yes and no.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I often want to send people away.


Because if there’s no real reason to change something, I say “don’t”. If it aint broke…

The infamous BAD rebrand goes something like this:

  • Person gets bored with their logo/branding/site/banner, etc. and for no other reason decides to overhaul their ENTIRE site or brand
  • Person goes to a designer who happily takes their business
  • Designer goes along with what Person has to say on the matter, and does something “creative and designy”
  • New design fails to convert future business
  • Person kicks himself

When I see something perfectly functional and good – this is rare, but it happens – I ask them “what’s your goal?” If they shuffle for an answer, my next question is “What’s not working for you in this site?” If they shuffle some more and say “I’m bored with it.”, and if I see that it’s clearly a functional site that converts, I go back to “What’s your goal?”

If they don’t have one, I am certain they are going to absolutely drive me mad by going in circles, eating up my time and their money. For that reason, I don’t work with people without goals. Simply put, it makes my life hell.

If, on the other hand, I see a terrible site that’s not converting, I say “Come on. Let’s fix this bastard up.” Literally, in those words. 🙂

So talk to someone who can be honest with you.

And for the sake of your own site, don’t talk to a strict “designer” about a site redesign. Talk to a marketer, a person with User Interface and User Experience (UI / UX) under their belt; someone who has a good sense about what works online.

After all, you’re not just running a pretty site (I hope not!) Hopefully you’re running a site that runs your business.

You are loved.

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