633414_41759441Whether you need clarity around your services copy, the general site structure or your overall brand messaging, the 1 Hour Clarity Session is perfect.

If you’re after clarity and directness, you got it.

Get all your questions answered, ask me to review any of your online material and talk about next steps, what’s possible, etc. All in 1 hour.

And they’re on sale.

You get:

    • 1 hour uninterrupted, one on one time with me
    • A recording of the call
    • Clarity around your key issues and concerns

It’s time to get a pro’s eye on your issue.

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1 Hour One on One
One uninterrupted, recorded hour with Kat.
Price: $147.00
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What people are saying

Kat TepelyanAmber Kryzc
Body Heart
You have a way of honing in on the specifics of my business and what is coming across to my audience.

I was blown away by not only your desire to know and understand what I was offering, but your genuine passion to assist me in creating and living my dream.

You're the real deal.
Kat TepelyanAimee Barr
Psychotherapist and youth advocate
Simply put, your intuition, creativity and intellect blew me away. In just one meeting, your guidance supported me in bringing my project to a new level.

I highly recommend your services to any entrepreneur who is ready to create something big and wants someone phenomenal to guide them through the process.
Kat TepelyanLindsay Pera
Full Circle & Chronic Wellness // Wisen Apps
I learned and gained clarity on how to create a bridge and brand awareness across my many sites and services; I got feedback for improvements on the copy, clarity and function of my sites and received valuable suggestions for changes to tone of the b2b site.

Kat is wonderful!
Kat Tepelyan
I learned the value of video, of private funder sites (of focused, targeted versions in general) and the use of icons. I also gained clarity on the drawbacks of free sites, of ways of engaging people (and what doesn't engage people.)

Love your values and forthright expression of them. And your skill & knowledge of your craft.
Kat TepelyanDenise Pelletier
Writer, public speaker and advocate for traumatic brain injury survivors.
Your style impressed me. You listened to my story, and I felt completely understood. I don't say that too often, as often I am not sure the other person really "got it."

Your knowledge and experience in seeing the bigger picture helped me finalize my brand after I had struggled with it.

You helped me land on my tag line/banner for my website and also my one sentence response to the question "what do you do for work?"

Both speak to my authenticity and will open the door so I can share my story.
And all this was done in 1 hour! Thank you, Kat!
Kat TepelyanRachel Hayres
Clairvoyant and Spiritual Teacher
Kat, you're fun, you get to the point straight away & I got tons of value from our call.

I've seen a difference already in customer engagement & interaction... I felt supported, like you had clear steps to impact my business, and I loved how you were so honest about your experience with using my website.

I gained clarity on how to speak to clients, how to write copy, how to word my signs, how to get people to flow through my site to buy, how to simplify my systems.

Thanks so much! I really appreciate you & Your Epic Services!!

Book your 1 hour now

1 Hour One on One
One uninterrupted, recorded hour with Kat.
Price: $147.00